Finalizing My Dream

Posted on 26. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople


I found that Melanie’s map has some similar concepts as mine.  We both have the concepts of speed, communication, and display.  I like her concept of flexible tool which is very interesting.  She explained it by saying that Bush’s predicted memex and its many purposes are essentially realized  much later by Kay/Goldberg with multi-functional Dynabook.  She put emphasis on concept of control because it is heavily discussed and shared by three thinkers.  Overall, her map is neat and well explained.  Madeleine’s map is well organized and easy to follow.  Her five concepts are dependence on computers, thinking centers, becoming computers, making computers our shortcut, and creating trails throughout the internet.  I think her concept of thinking centers is similar to my concept of intelligence.  On that concept,  she explained that the internet has developed many resources that have become thinking centers to human.

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