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Huska, L., “Online Dating: How Technology Changes our Relationships,” TodayChristianWoman, April 2013. Web.

Huska, a freelance writer living and writing in the Midwest, writes this article on Today’s Christian Woman to explore how the online dating process fundamentally change anything about how we relate to each other.  She claims that while concerns about online dating do surface, many now view Internet dating as simply another venue in which to find a marriage partner.  She also points out that having more choices allows people to be more selective.  The article supports my inquiry project that singles who have more choice, likely find better matches.


Strickland, A., “The lost art of offline dating,”, “The lost art of offline dating.”, February 13, 2013. Web.

Strickland, a journalist, a producer for CNN health and Wellness, writes the article to explore how the internet impacts on traditional dating.  She find that online daters and social media users easily fall into a new way of communicating. Instead of the rules and social norms used in face-to-face meeting, they create ones for digital interfacing.  She concludes that offline dating has lost some of its charms. The article proves that online dating has more benefits than traditional dating.

Bercovici, J., “Love On The Run: The Next Revolution In Online Dating,”, February 14, 2014. Web.

The author, a  Forbes technology journalist with an emphasis on social and digital media, writes the article to predict how online dating evolves in the next few years. He asserts that the industry will reach new levels of popularity, profitability and utility in the next few years due to  the growth of mobile computing and social media.  What the online daters now want is an easier and faster way to meet others in real life.  The research shows 39% of online dating now happens through mobile apps.  The dating industry has changed dramatically to meet their members’ demand.  Online daters have more opportunities in finding their partners.

New Persuasion Map


The change I made  in the persuasion map is the third sub-claim. The new claim is the future of online dating.

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