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Posted on 15. Nov, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople

For my final inquiry project, I chose to use a stand-alone page on Rampages sites I have been using for this course.  This is the best option for me because I am familiar with the forms, links, and I  have all of the preparations that can be found on the website.  The website shows all the work that i have done so far. After having experienced using the site, i think the website has enough multimedia features that I can showcase to my readers.  Once i complete the project and post it to the web site, the page will show my efforts during the semester long in writing the inquiry project.


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  1. Jon Becker 17 November 2015 at 8:11 pm #

    OK, but you’ll want to think about whether the overall aesthetics of this site works for your inquiry project. You can add images, videos, etc. to the page you’ll be using (not a post, I hope), but think about the theme you chose and whether that’s meaningful to your project.

    You could also consider creating a new Rampages site (since you’re now comfortable with WordPress) and link out to it from this site. You can add a “Custom Link” to the menu of this site (up where you see “Home,” “Assign 1” and “Sample Page”). This way, you can choose a theme that works better for the inquiry project and still link out to it from this site.

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