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After reading Functional and “Conflict Theories of Education Stratification” by Randall Collins, it made me appreciate the importance of education. The article brought out that there were many studies that showed that education is a strong determinant of occupational achievement in America. This is basically saying the higher you go in school the better chance you have of getting a good job. I always felt that school was a joke and is a waste of time and the only reason we go is because of research that says you can only get a good job with going to college and all that. But being in college and experiencing it, it truly does help you whether you see it or not. Some jobs require much needed training too. For example, a doctor has to go to school for almost ten years in order to start their job, and that’s because they are dealing with people’s lives. You wouldn’t wasn’t a Doctor looking over you with a high school education.


The picture above is an image that I created for my desk. In the picture are my goals in life and what schools I want to coach at, but I realize none of that is possible if I don’t get a Degree. I have a picture of where I started which is my high school then it goes on to VCU, where I am no, then it goes into a college conference called the MEAC, and that’s where I want to start off my coaching career, then to end my career I want to be the head men’s basketball coach at Florida State. If I don’t get my degree none of that is possible, because to become a coach in college you have to have a bachelor’s degree. I plan on not stopping at bachelors; I plan to get a Masters in Sports Leadership, to make myself more marketable in the coaching world. One thing to against the Collins is I found that it’s more of you who you know when it comes to finding a job on college hoops, not really your education. You still need a degree and that is super important.

Post 6 Captain America



One of my favorite Super Hero movies of all time is Captain America Winter Soldier. But there is something about Captain America that sometimes doesn’t sit well with people and that’s because he can be viewed as a fascist. Some people when thinking of Fascists automatically think of Hitler and all the bad guys from back in the day. “Fascist ideology, though antiliberal in its glorification of the state, has been similar to liberalism in its opposition to nig nosiness, trade-unions, and the socialist state”. This is an exert from the Political Man by Lipset, it shows that Fascist ideology has glorification of the state and that’s exactly why Captain America is a Fascist. Just look at his name, he is called Captain American that just shows that he is all about the American way.


I think that the picture that I saw on Captain America really emphasizes the fact that Captain America is a Fascist, because he is talking about how there is only one God and that is just putting the American view to everyone. He does everything for America and not really worried about like other countries. I am not saying he is a dictator, but he shows characteristics of fascism. The costume also shows that he is only for the American way because he is draped in the red whit and blue. Captain America also feels that he is the only one that can distinguish what’s right form wrong. I know in the Avengers movies he would only want the Avengers to do it his way and not really listen to the other member’s ideas. He was truly a dictator when it came to the Avengers. Most people wouldn’t think that Captain America was a fascist, because he was created to defeat fascist leaders. People don’t pay attention to the little things though, like his sayings and all that. I honestly didn’t the he was a fascist until we started discussing fascism and Dr. Stamm said he was. That made me go research and realize that he actually is. By no means do I agree with fascism, but I still enjoy the movies.

Post 5 VCU Basketball Structure & Culture

©2018 Scott K. Brown Photography, Inc.

VCU Men’s Basketball Team 2018-2019


One thing that I think gets ignored when discussing Culture, Structure and agenicies are sports. Many teams have a certain culture that they go by and specific structures that they abide by. I chose to talk about the VCU Men’s basketball team and their structures, because I am around them 24/7. I thought this was a great example of defining the complex definition of structures. “Structures must not be con- ceptualized as simply placing constraints on human agency, but as en- abling (Giddens 1976, p. 161). This conception of human agents as “knowledgeable and “enabled” implies that those agents are capable of putting their structurally formed capacities to work in creative or innovative ways” I thought this was an important quoted, because this is exactly what this team is, it’s not a team where the head coach is placing constraints on certain players, he allows the players to have their freedom with their on the court abilities. Now this does not mean that he is just out there letting them do what they want, there are still structures. As long as they have capability of creating their own move on a defender then he does not mind, but if he knows you are not capable of doing that then that’s when all hell breaks loose. I feel like that’s what Sewell was arguing in the paper that there are structures, but that doesn’t mean that are constraints as long as the person is capable of being and creative and stuff then it opens a more comfortable structure.


Also you look at a basketball team they have a certain Culture. “In conceiving of culture in this way, I argue that social structure consists of two central, interconnected elements: systems of social relations and systems of meaning.” (Pg. 65). This is basically saying that social relations are the relation ships and the system of meaning is the belief. With this basketball team the coaches build a relationship with the players, and there obviously roles on the team. For instance you have your starters, your reserves, then your scrubs. There are many roles in this culture, but everyone should be listening to one dominant voice, which is the head coach. Then there is the system of meaning, and with this basketball team is basically doing what you are doing for the person next to you and for those that have got them where they are today. You can say that the culture is appreciation. This team is nothing without appreciation and that is what they truly believe in, from the head coach to the managers of the team, nothing but appreciation.





(A Theory of Structure: Duality, Agency, and Transformation)


Flat Tire!

Emily McNamara

The other day I received a phone call from my best friend, Emily, who asked me to come and change her tire. I had a lot of things to do at the time, but I was going to go drop everything and go help, because I immediately thought to myself, she’s a girl she’s not capable of changing a tire by herself. My mind has been fixed to where a man is supposed to do all the work such as changing tires, repairing things around the house etc. This is not the case here, Emily was fully capable of changing the tire and she did. I was just lucky enough that I could snag this photo off snapchat to show for this blog post.

In society today we give women and men certain roles, but we can see from the picture that these roles aren’t necessarily true. I feel this is an example of structural functionalist, where gender helps to structure social life. It’s like society says that boys are supposed to be instrumental and women are supposed to be expressive, and this creates these stereotypes on both genders. For instance the man is supposed to do all the handy work while the woman will take care of the children and nurturing part. As a society we teach these things, and we should treat each gender the same. It’s okay to teach a woman to fix a car, change a tire, or put up a fence for the front yard.

After learning about the different types of feminisms, I was a bit shocked, because I saw myself fitting into that structural functionalist feminism. I feel like it’s not my fault, because that’s just how I was raised, men are supposed to almost take care of the woman and do all the handy work and things like that. I have to be more open minded and tell myself that it’s fine for a woman to change a tire or do some handy work. There was a time where I didn’t know how to change a tire, and a female would ask me to change her tire and I didn’t know, that sort of goes against structural functionalism.

At the end of the day we should not let society have these roles for a man and a woman. If a person is capable of doing anything they should be able to do it without any judgement.

Color-Blindness at Capital One

This past week I went to tour Capital One’s campus in Short Pump. It was a great campus and you saw a lot of professionalism from everyone across the board. But I couldn’t help but notice one thing about the campus. When touring the place I notice that majority of the people that were walking around and suits and business clothes and working at their stations were caucasian, while the people that were the janitors and the people working in the cafeteria or the shops were African American. The pictures above shows the people that were working at the coffee shop were African American and the people that were meeting and working for the company were majority caucasian.

Some people would see nothing wrong with the picture or even say it is not a race problem when it comes to African Americans having the jobs that are look down upon, but it truly is a problem and that is an example of Color-Blindness. When someone can not see the issue at hand it’s a problem. This is also an issue, because white people may not see this as racism, because there is not any prejudice going on, and that’s how they define racism, while people of color can see that this is systemic or institutional racism going on.   Bonilla- Silva explained that “one reason why, in general terms, whites and people of color cannot agree on racial matters is because they conceive terms such as ‘‘racism’’ very differently” (Bonilla-Silva, 2018). Whereas for most whites racism is prejudice, for most people of color racism is systemic or institutionalized.” The fact that people can’t figure out what racism is as a people makes it difficult for things to change, and then we are left right back at start. Of course it’s not as bad as it was, but there are still problems with racism such as people of color having the low paying jobs or working as janitors for these big corporations.

The saying “It’s better now than in the past” is an example of Minimization of racism, and Bonilla-Silva explained that that saying actually means that there is discrimination out there but there are plenty if jobs. (Bonilla-Silva, 2018) White people use this framework to help them accept that there’s always an African American who comes and picks up my trash everyday or there’s always someone of color that is making my coffee everyday.

From this observation I am not saying that the people at Capital One are racist or a part of the KKK or anything. It’s more of an eye opening observation for everyone to see that there still lies a big separation between people of color and whites. Who truly knows the stories of these people that were working the jobs that were seen as lower level jobs, that could’ve been their dream job, but when it starts being the majority then there is a problem. People need to accept the fact that this is an issue and need to face racism head on like Bonilla-Silva mentioned.


Bonilla-Silva, E. (2018). Racism without racists: Color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.

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