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One of my favorite Super Hero movies of all time is Captain America Winter Soldier. But there is something about Captain America that sometimes doesn’t sit well with people and that’s because he can be viewed as a fascist. Some people when thinking of Fascists automatically think of Hitler and all the bad guys from back in the day. “Fascist ideology, though antiliberal in its glorification of the state, has been similar to liberalism in its opposition to nig nosiness, trade-unions, and the socialist state”. This is an exert from the Political Man by Lipset, it shows that Fascist ideology has glorification of the state and that’s exactly why Captain America is a Fascist. Just look at his name, he is called Captain American that just shows that he is all about the American way.


I think that the picture that I saw on Captain America really emphasizes the fact that Captain America is a Fascist, because he is talking about how there is only one God and that is just putting the American view to everyone. He does everything for America and not really worried about like other countries. I am not saying he is a dictator, but he shows characteristics of fascism. The costume also shows that he is only for the American way because he is draped in the red whit and blue. Captain America also feels that he is the only one that can distinguish what’s right form wrong. I know in the Avengers movies he would only want the Avengers to do it his way and not really listen to the other member’s ideas. He was truly a dictator when it came to the Avengers. Most people wouldn’t think that Captain America was a fascist, because he was created to defeat fascist leaders. People don’t pay attention to the little things though, like his sayings and all that. I honestly didn’t the he was a fascist until we started discussing fascism and Dr. Stamm said he was. That made me go research and realize that he actually is. By no means do I agree with fascism, but I still enjoy the movies.

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