Your “Eco-Friendly” Stay

This post is about the original scenario in-which the term “greenwashing” was used. The method of going green used by hotels is to have signs stating to the consumers their option to reuse a towel or sheets by hanging them, or replace them by placing them on the ground.

So I guess I’ll start with my name because it says I have to include it in this post, I’m Max Truong. This is a post about the OG greenwashing, “eco-friendly” hotels; more specifically, how some hotels say they are conserving resources by allowing consumers the option to reuse their towels and sheets or have them replaced. The premise of this was to decrease usage of washing machines and dryers which would decrease emissions and waste. However, the deception was uncovered when people realized that hotels are far more wasteful in other departments such as their kitchens and utilities and lighting. Less washing and drying of sheets and towels actually saved hotels money and did little for the environment. This sort of greenwashing is almost as lucrative and deceiving as McDonald’s changing their European colors from red and yellow to green and yellow to promote the environment.

I propose that hotels should actually consider reducing waste and conserving their resources where it is more important. As stated above, many hotels waste quite a bit through their kitchens and lighting; both of which can become more eco-friendly and less wasteful with proper investment. Simple things such as changing out their light bulbs for more efficient ones, consider actually listening to consumers when they want to reuse towels and sheets, using eco-friendly appliances, etc. These are just a few ways hotels can move forward to becoming an actual eco-friendly, green business.

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