Dawn Dish Soap

Almost every one uses some form of soap to clean their dishes and a popular brand used is Dawn. This dish soap is a product of greenwashing because it claims that they save wildlife by using their product to clean the animals after an oil spill. They do in fact save the lives of birds and seals but their product contains harmful chemicals if ingested and some can cause skin irritation. It may be removing the oil from their bodies but we don’t know the long term effects in can have on them. In order to clean these animals they use their soap and water. Again those chemicals are being washed down the drain and put back into the environment. Dawn dish soap gets labeled as the good guy for helping the animals, and gets a profit out of it knowing animal lovers will buy their product because of this. They may do some good but it doesn’t change the fact they use harmful chemicals and not to mention use plastic to bottle their soap.

As for a solution to this problem its a little difficult because I don’t know much about oil or the chemicals used in this dish soap. The simple solution would be to use less harmful chemicals in making the soap. This may not be possible id those chemicals are what remove the oil and grease the best. The outlandish solution would be to remove all oil centers out of the ocean. I understand that we are able to get a lot of oil that way but the risk of an oil spill is too great. Oil spills can take months to clean and the water is never really the same after that. Wildlife can’t thrive with unclean water. Putting more oil centers on land isn’t the best solution but it could save more animals that way. An even crazier idea would be to get rid of all oil centers and find a renewable resource to use, again I really have no idea what we could do other than to stop using it.

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