Simple Green Really Isn’t Green!

Simple Green has been claiming that cleaning products are green both in color and environmental friendliness. Only half of this is true. It is a green color but, as far as being environmentally friendly, it is not. It contains a petrochemical solvent that destroys red blood cells and can cause reproductive problems and birth defects.

My proposal to this issue would be to research an actual all-natural cleaning solution that contains no chemicals. This will probably never happen though because money is power and the companies that own these so-called “green” products have all the green! If someone came up with an all-natural cleaner one of the big businesses would just buy them so they would just disappear and the cleaner would disappear as well. Stuff like this happens all the time. I believe that the only way this could happen is to have a major uprising against the big businesses that are producing these “green” products or pass laws stating that in order to claim a green product they have to actually have all green ingredients in said product.

Steven House

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