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John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley
515 Sunset Road Boynton Beach, FL 33435
(561) 891‐9634
Resume in application for the position of the man himself, commander, with the one idea that works.
Career objective:
Force dam fluidification, the collection of that which falls from the heavens and the replacement of the flush toile.t. with thE manuel fertilizer machine. Undam the rivers, jack e.t. for their ships and be the quickest organism out of the mud into sweet vessels with the goods ever seen. Transport product past all dam obsticles and through any eventuality for all time, reviere.
University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Services, Environmental Horticulture
Work Related Experience:
1999‐2001 “Burnies” Valet, drove the getaway car at the largest heist in history for Mr. Bernard Lawrence Madoff
May 2002 Stucco repair, Jack “The Boston MOB’s Ledgerman”
December 2010 Blew the shit out of the U.N.
March 2013 Fired the Pope
Thanksgiving 2013 Algiers Point ferry to New Orleans’s Shops at Canal St. with Jack from the Men in Black (See picture
depicted at New Yolk’s Riviera Café Bar)
Other Related Experiences:
1998 First time descent of Snake River from Jackson Hole to the sea with Thomas Shindelman
March 2006 Replaced the table on the illuminati Jose Marti International Airport Havana, Cuba
2003 Married in Kumamotosi Japan, to Yi’s daughter Misa Kanazawa
2011– 2015 St. Helens to Port IsabeL by canoe
May 2015 66.6 kilogram mass recorded in Cuba’s Immigration dungeon (I booked em)
Maximillion (from The Black Hole),, all communiques must occur after depositing $100 in John Jolley’s Wells Fargo account
God, King’s Hwy and Kissimmee River, Fort Pierce, Florida (772) 465‐2575 call for produce delivery, starts taking orders on Thanksgiving
The M.O.B.’s contact Timothy Raymond Glass #73703-004 deposit $100 in canteen/account per communication
Financing’s Bernard Lawrence Madoff #61727-054 deposit $100 in canteen/account per com

ThE manuel domicile (a dam home)
No. 1
Super collector, honey etc… fertilizer machine
Insures a productive comfortable life powered by the manuel person or perdaughter and that which falls from the heavens.
Horticultural Enterprise
It is a recognized fact today that modern technology has solved the problem of dam and ditch agriculture, slacker
homes and the flush toile.t.
The machine shown herewith collects water, produces food and fertilizer, treats grey water and will work in most
places on the surface without destroying the natural environment within reason. It is equipped with overhead water storage which provides pressurized water, grey water cleaner and a manuel fertilizer machine.
The fertilizer machine is a urine separating composting no flush less toil with a squirt gun powered by the water
collected above and manuel person with door powered option.
The fertilizer is automatically rendered nonpathogenic through natural biotic action and is automatically discharged
from the machine so that only ONE OPERATOR is required. The cut shows several optional attachments on home including but not limited to beehive wall, solar collector, solar oven, fungus or food animal wall and cistern foundation raft (the machine can be furnished with or without these attachments as desired).
After living in this machine, the entities are raised, windlassed and trussed in the usual manner but do not require “tapping out” as they are held in perfect truss by the super manuel machine.

Water storage above thE manuel fertilizer machine is mandatory as it powers the ass washer. This can be achieved with above the head cistern or cistern wall. The fish farm cistern foundation raft is optional (within local code) and any foundation for the structure can be mounted on rubber tires for earthquake resiliency.
Structure comes with grey water treatment ladder/staircase rice/sugarcane producer, service access for cisterns.
Flow of water collected from above can be used to power optional “creepy crawly” algae collecting cistern robot. Optional circulation for cisterns and primary filter powered by optional door and solar cells. Optional ice block food storage. Optional solar powered fan gravity drip evaporative cooling system. Optional solar powered cell phone programmable computerized irrigation system for fruit/nut trees, bushes and herb garden maintained by owner and/or professional gardener.
The children can watch the fish in aquarium instead of Needmo on t.v. “Canary in coal mine” situation (the fish are alive you know your water’s at least that good). Don’t have to pay for the dam sheddy bills.
Structure’s not undermined by uncollected rainfall. Get a portion of fish for consumption.

The beehive wall option gives thE manuel home owner a reliable source of sweet food to augment their caloric intake. Providing honey for eating and antiseptic purposes, wax for canning/illumination, pollen, propolis and royal jelly for people to consume. Bees naturally seal the wall tight, lending towards a dam tight structure. Insects ventilate, cooling wall in summer and heat area in winter. The super collector automatically delivers portion of water to bees increasing bee’s efficiency. In addition to people protecting the bee hive this added measure of delivered water to hive insures a symbiotic relationship and more honey. Hive comb is free hanging allowing bees to determine cell size. Bee flow way entrance/exit situated comfortable distance from persons entrance/exit. The beehive wall makes the home smell like a honey pot, mmm. Exterior doors allow for easy product collection.

ThE manuel fertilizer machine is a urine separating composting no flush much less toil relief station with a squirt gun designed as a flush toilet replacement. Operated with the door (or lever if retrofitted) and lid by the manuel in action person and the water collected above. Bereshit perfected. Produces a non pathinegenitic dry fertilizer pellet, granule, or flake that the operator can sell for money. No splashback or fecal form bacteria drift associated with flush commode. Optional automatic carbon source dispersal (device that adds sawdust/leaves/organic material) negative pressure ventilation (retrofittable into existing structural sewer gas vent), blow dryer, solar water heater, heated seats, music…
Put the man’s name on the throne, make it the most productive machine ever seen, responsible for producing more food plant fertilizer for more children and people than any other thing, thE manuel fertilizer machine John Lawrence Joliet or the Kanazawa. No need to cut the trees down, process trees into paper, wipe your ass with your hands and walk around spreading fecal form bacteria with a stupid damned smirk on your face shaking hands with others. Eliminates irritating/embareassing/not sexy “blackass”. No need to wash hands with soap or even wash hands. Drink water instead from outlet/sipper designed to encourage fluid exchange. Urine flows through above ground easy to maintain pipe to primarily fruit and nut trees nearby, composted solid waste spread manuely or by machine or macine attachment.
At present the spaceship industry looks like its building an escape pod. That won’t work, the idea is about food. You’re certainly gonna want to eat some meat. Imagine a herd of cattle on a space ship, it’s a disaster. Now think about manatees, much easier to maintain this system. We could even keep the sirens behind a transparent wall that would allow for interaction and swimming opportunities. Tunas in clear tubes along the passage ways for picking out or fishing for as you make way into the dining area. On these personable passageways aboard ship we can have butteflys and small birds flying, over a long period of time this creates a much more interesting constantly varying, stimulating situation. While bare, sterile hallways aboard a ship may be appropriate in some situations it’s not what we want as representative of the convoy. Even though the first big ship should be a mining ship (so we can get materials from elsewhere to build more ships) it’d be built around a pump and pipe water system. At least initially we could get the water from the surface of this planet.
The basis of proposed spaceship is a fresh water system and a salt water system linked together. The terrestrial creatures aboard the ship can draw fresh water from the salty sea with reverse osmosis. This could be viewed as one end of the salt water system and would create flow. The terrestrials can use this water for drinking, bathing and growing food. The waste water can be recycled at the waste water treatment facility which could be viewed as the beginning of the fresh water system upon deliverance into it. This fresh water system (complete with things to eat) flowing towards salt water system with brackish harvestable situation between the two.
Algae and fungus appear to be the easiest of the “lower” forms to cultivate for consumption but dwarf rice production appears to be easily doable, slap in the ability to grow bonsai citrus and some herbs and spices and we could sail aboard said ship some duration and have a good time doing it. If the space ship food growing system busted we could return to planet Oceana for more seeds or eggs. With space ships like this one can see why we gotta pull the plug on the dam project as the dams are the foundation of the faulty water control scheme that imperils the manatees, tunas, algae… the most. So, even a rocket scientist can see we’d want to make dam fluidification the top priority. Plus with ships like this we can give those dam pump and no corduroy piping clowns on this surface a productive, top position on the ships. A dam pump and pipe fool on the surface is a genius on a space ship like this. They make it flow.
Also one can see how a cistern entertainment aquarium fish production structural wall of thE manual home or a dam house on the surface lends itself to life aboard a vessel. It’s good practice. It appears the most likely thing to power the off surface vessels/space ships is nuclear and/or atomic, at least initially and we probably are gonna have to spin the thing about to simulate gravity. This’s the basic ship and we’re handcuffed to it although “the truth shall set you free” (the knowledge of the dam pump and pipe rue on the surface will be the truth that propels you off surface for all time) John 8:32. Punch a hole in the dams on the rivers so we can start building them.

The dam fluidification, superdriplinewatercollect, thE manuel fertilizer machine solution to the porous dam sheddy flushtoile.t. with weaponized GMO problem.
by JUSTIN THYME (Thymus vulgaris)
Undam the rivers. No water control structures permitted on rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, or rivulets. Force U.S. Military to fluidify water control structures, send care actors caught holding the dam carpe.t. bag a bill and get of national debt or come together as people and hire the U.S. Military to undam the rivers. Cease war with ISIS (Ice is) yellow eres, to be dammed. Attack the dam problem with the free flowing river solution. See Spaceship rules on #22.
Eliminate or convert flushtoile.t. with thE manuel fertilizer machine. Put the “good lords” name on the throne and turn it into the most productive machine ever seen, responsible for more food fertilization than any other thing. A urine separating composting no flush less toil et with a squirt gun (powered by the door and/or lid the manuel in action person) and the water Build a dam home. Collect that which falls from the heavens (e.t. too). Exchange roof for super precipitation collecting photovoltaic cells, cistern foundation raft, beehive walls….
collected above. Urine through corduroy above ground easy to maintain pipe to primarily fruit and nut tree production. Quit cutting trees down, processing into paper to wipe your ass with your hands. With squirt gun one won’t have to use soap or even wash your hands, drink water from sipper designed for fluid exchange.
Reestablish native Flora and Fauna from handpicked local seeds. Support your local flower pollenators. Take the seeds out of doomsday storage and replace with pharmaceuticals. Put over the counter stuff behind the counter. Grow organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, roots and fungus, preferably heirloom. Don’t make a dam and ditch GMO drink your last beverage.
Burn fossil fuel at a 1/10th of present rate, charge 10 times as much for 10 times as long and make 10 times as much money. Come up with a good battery. Plants are the only nuclear option. Windmills chop up the birds. Empower the people not the power Co. It would be super to collect sunlight and water instead of shedding it. Force Global Blanket rapidly escalating carbon tax, or worldwide Cuban style blockado and charge em for it, drop current use 92%, anticipate further cuts. Use money to fund sustainable stewardship.
Make way on surface with care. The dump is the new mine, wave to false idol that the ohms who work there taking notes built at the top.
Planetary highjacking is illegal, no surface wide wholesale flora and fauna extermination or replacement, it’s against the law.
Universal law application. It’s unlawful to dam and destroy everything or even to attempt to. It’s against the law as written to modify for one or more organisms or machines benefit, comfort or other reason or reasonless more than 33.33% of the said previous or in place natural or evolving environment or system, presently or at this time revised or changed to 11.11%. As written or known 66.66% to be revised to 88.88% of natural free to evolve on its own right or course life must not be infringed upon, although it can be containerized and transported for its benefit as well as the 11.11% of carefully stewarded perhaps controlled but evolving with the aforesaid 88.88%. Don’t fu(k around with “Mother Nature” too much, or Hellboy will get ya.
We’ve been had, took for dam sucker fools! Speak about the solution, write a letter,use the “to yellow flowers” USPS stamp with solution expressed in picture.
Turn off the T.V., realize you’re on universal T.V. already. Recycle your existing set into future Checkoff and Sulu reminder machines. Have kids watch fish in cistern entertainment aquarium fish soup gadjet instead of Needmo on T.V.
If you unfortunately own property, don’t fence it off. Grow buffaloes instead of steers idea. Teach dog to stay, perhaps grow food for it to. Get a pig, chickens, rabbit or learn to eat cats and dogs.
*Don’t be a money lender or one of the investors in the destroy the planet project. Oysters and Honey are the new money.
Don’t take pharmaceuticals, or manufacture them under ecologically harmful manners. Use the ”good lords” minimumally processed herbs, funguses, and other plant and animals instead. Homosapiens, persons are not separate from plants and animals.
Do whatever you can to avoid getting a sun burn, punch a hole in the dams on the rivers.
Wright your politrickons. Not too far to the left. Don’t try to buy or consume a “green” product to solve the consumption problem on this planet. Disconnect city water and sewerage, turn the lights, heat, and A/C off instead. Get the BBQ’s and Hibachis, crab traps, etc. ready to force any unable politicians or polyticks to be productive.
Get out of the slacker shed, quit paying for the damages, through your local taxes and water bill.
Don’t look at life as a trial and tribulation, even though it is. Take notes, learn.
Enjoy solving problems. Begin Operation Planet Oceana Nighttime Disco Ball Display Shutdown. Unscrew and save or recycle security night lights including streetlamps. Carry a torch that shines light in all directions. Use your Headlamp. Learn to do the ”Luke Skywalker”. Hint: Drop your blastsheild.
Learn to identify Hydrophobes, dam shid head abortionists. Not “aware”. They store their water in open dam reservoirs on river courses, pump it up hill, and let it evaporate. Then they rush the water to the sea as fast as they can between levees and in canals. They are sandbaggers. They suck wells dry as fast as they can. They shed that which falls from the heavens. They enjoy the foundation of the structure being undermined and causing the collapse of the structure. They love the toil and environmental damage of building a new one. RABID VAMPIRES suck life out of the planet and pretend they can’t put the puzzle together. They love to flush their only product down the tubes. They love concrete, can not “dance”. They love lawns and squere bushes. They mist water around in the air, pop a cap in the sprinkler heads. Go with Noah idea, include flora.
Don’t abort the seeds of grass with a mower, you’ll starve the birds and when we have exodus the riotous ones will not be delivered there flock. Righteous/Leftous will still get some delivery. Don’t rake gravel into beds. Bao, rake honey into honey pearls instead. Be productive.
Don’t ever let a company Mountsainto+Co., take over your food supply. Ban GMO’s, cloned plants and animals on planet Oshiana. Try bringing back the Mastidon and other Megafauna instead idea. Dams, dikes, weirs, canals, clones, fluorescent lights, particle colliders (not allowed to turn on until out of Milky Way), new nuclear power plants, pumped hydroponics, disposable plastic food and drink containers, high power radioactive wave sending devices, 92% to 98% of “plastic” stuff, 99% of styrofoam. Shrimp farms, salmon farms, tuna ranches, most pesticides and cleaning products are for space ships.
If you live in South Florida don’t get caught with a Fuckus tree, Umbrella Plant(the hydrophobes really like this one), Pair-of-dice palm, Youreeka Palm, Arbicola, Rowbelowknees, Oyster
Plant, Ixora, Normal Folk Pine, BRASillion pepper, Chinese Popcorn Tree, Boygonetothevilla, anykind of palm tree from Madatgascar, Mallucka, St.Augustine, Fauxtinia, Jolley Green Giant, Pittosporyum, Hosstrayyoung Pine, Impatients, Spatholowspyloam, Croaktown, Princess Plant, Pony Tail Palm, Suriname Cherry, Exotic Bromiliads, Elefant Bush, Black Olive with no olives, any palm trees stolen from Cuba, Ornamentals, Other useless(except as steam turban rotator fuel, animal food oneself included, building material…etc.) exotic plants. Hamburger the Florida Growers and Nursery Association, if they don’t stop the installation of the garden of “NO EATEN”. In short learn how to read, consume lots of natural science books, the dictionary, read the bible(Manuel), I recommend reading the first chapter and then skipping to the last one to see what will happen if you follow the recipe. Build the dam thing and he will come (me), and those for whorinmen too (they’re here). Figure out what the target is “those abominations of desolation where they shall not be”, “the hateful structures that destroy that are built on the temples”, the dams on the rivers. It’s obviously a gardening Manuel. Get a degree/certificate/education in (learn about) environmental horticulture (gardening), learn about drainage. Highjack the plan. Board the ship like a pirate, punch a hole in the dam project and turn into bucaneeraeiou when law is renewed. If you are a crewmember on the pirate ship, the boats sinking, it’s on fire, the magazine is about to explode and the “Spanish” (clone doppelganger pirates) are boarding. Get in my Jolley boat (we’re taking E.T. for their ships). JJMCO, John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley (that John, covered in laurels the master of the gridiron, golden nostaypufflessmarshmallowman, the wolf at your door, pretty boy, who’s all too happy to rinse out the law), the one. La John Rinse Joliet, or the Kanazawa, the most productive machine ever to be on the surface of this wet rock, a urine separating, composting, no flush, less toilet with squirt gun, guarantied to keep you alive, looking vibrant, and healthy for all time. ThE manuel fertilizer machine. New laws take effect May 25, 2009 or when Planet Oceana’s (earth) population reaches 6.66 billion. Full swing mid melt N.Hemisphere 2009. We’re bringing back the old SMOTE law, in addition DeSmote and worse. But, ProSmote and better have been added as well. This one sheet double sided double dirty dozen idea is designed specifically so one could add it to the Manuel that one adhears to in life or just add it to one’s golden, silver, etc. (kindergarten) laws and proceed henceforth. Getting the crew/gang/team together in pursuit of law enforcement, which starts with a free flowing river. Searching for Homosapiens (one way thinking apes) Heterosapiensapiens (multi way muli thinking apes) other organisms, entities, machines or machine (computer) assisted organisms that will row or move this idea forward. So far I’ve got the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and the tailor in the boat along with the gardeners, carpenters, and fishermen, as well as the evil character and the good character. I’m steering, Alla board ~ John Lawrence Jolley 515 Sunset Road Boynton Beach, FL 33435 (561) 891-9634


Simple Green Really Isn’t Green!

My proposal to this issue would be to research an actual all-natural cleaning solution that contains no chemicals. This will probably never happen though because money is power and the companies that own these so-called “green” products have all the green! If someone came up with an all-natural cleaner one of the big businesses would just buy them so they would just disappear and the cleaner would disappear as well. Stuff like this happens all the time. I believe that the only way this could happen is to have a major uprising against the big businesses that are producing these “green” products or pass laws stating that in order to claim a green product they have to actually have all green ingredients in said product.

Steven House


“All Natural” Food

For this example, I’m defining greenwashing as a business misleading its consumer base about the environmental benefits of its product in a way that increases their profit. Essentially it’s false marketing targeting the growing population of people who want to buy things that make them feel like they’re making a positive difference particularly where the environment is concerned. The concept I’ll be critiquing is food labels that purport the product to be “all natural,” a term that, despite being named the most popular claim used on labels by the Shelton Group, has no universal or regulated meaning. The “all natural” label is effective because it means different things to different people – it appeals to a diverse group of people. The USDA, which only regulates meat, defines natural as a product that contains “no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.” The natural label on meat speaks only to what is done (or rather, isn’t done) to the meat after the animal is killed; it doesn’t take into account how the animal was raised prior to slaughter (what it was fed, what it was injected with, etc). The natural label becomes even more ambiguous when applied to non-meat products as then it essentially means nothing at all. This is great news for companies looking to appeal to consumers’ ethical concerns without actually doing anything differently which is why this is a quintessential example of greenwashing.

The most obvious takeaway from this is that there should be more regulation concerning food, or any other product, labels. Ideally, people should also do more research about what they buy and who they buy from but of course if people had been doing that from the beginning the “all natural” label would never have been such a successful bit of marketing. If companies were required to accurately label their products and not allowed to use meaningless labels, it would be easier for people to make more informed choices about what they buy. Regulation is the only solution to this problem that would actually work in practice. The problem is that this goes against the interests of corporations and it is difficult to get anything progressive done in America if it threatens corporate interests. This heavily ties into C. Wright Mills concept of the power elite vs the powerless, complacent citizen. Making this solution a reality would require a cultural transformation – people would need to be more informed, involved, and vocal about regulating our food and food labels, for one. I think if this cultural transformation were to happen, everything else would be forced to change. Alas, this is unlikely to occur anytime soon.

-Anna Boutchard


Eco-Friendly Riding Lawnmower

The Toro® Z Master® zero turn mower is a so called eco-friendly riding lawnmower. These are some of the marketing tactics they use to sell their lawnmower.
“Eco-friendly mowers can be powerful too! Inside the engine of a Toro® Z Master® zero turn mower is a Kohler closed loop electronic fuel injection or EFI that adapts to save fuel. By sensing mowing conditions and regulating fuel to the lawn mower as needed, the fuel-efficient EFI system provides up to 25% better fuel economy. Every yard work project can be different and the Toro® Z Master® with EFI engines calculate the optimal amount gas needed and delivers fuel to the engine when you need it. Environmentally friendly mowers have lower emissions and can save you money by reducing unnecessary fuel consumption. Other features on Toro® Master Series Zero Turn Mowers include an easy start lawn mower technology that turns on like a car, with no choke and low hassle.”
The marketing tactics are green washing the bad aspects about the lawnmower. A typical lawnmower has a single piece carburetor rather than this fancy multi-component EFI (electronic fuel injection) system. They claim the system is saving fuel and cutting down on emissions, however the amount of pollution created to make the fuel efficient system requires more parts and more labor than does a regular carburetor. The marketing has made it seem as though this system is better by glossy over the fact that the cost to produce this system is higher in not only “carbon dollars” but also in the physical pollution. This Lawnmower suggests that it is eco-friendly because it uses less fuel by using a system that is more costly to produce. The company that makes the lawnmower is ignoring the issue that the fuel used is the main reason why their lawnmower is not eco-friendly. Here is more information between a carburetor and EFI.
In order to solve this problem, there will need to be a complete reform of how we cut our grass. The issue with modern day lawnmowers is that there is need of a secondary input of fuel and a tertiary input of maintaining the machine. There once was a lawnmower that require no fuels and only needed to be sharpened occasionally: the originally push mower. This mower operated under the power of a human-being. The mowers only cost is the original production. The issue with this solution is that there would need to be a large amount of people to cut grass. There just so happens to be 2.2 million people who sit around in prisons doing nothing all day. Instead of wasting money locking them up, we could use them to do physical labor cutting grass and even other jobs to reduce the amount of fuel used were physical labor could replace fuels. The issue with our pollution is due to the mass growth in population and the shift from physical labor to fuel driven devices. Grab an old push mower and get mow(v)ing!

Daniel S Heath


Dawn Dish Soap

As for a solution to this problem its a little difficult because I don’t know much about oil or the chemicals used in this dish soap. The simple solution would be to use less harmful chemicals in making the soap. This may not be possible id those chemicals are what remove the oil and grease the best. The outlandish solution would be to remove all oil centers out of the ocean. I understand that we are able to get a lot of oil that way but the risk of an oil spill is too great. Oil spills can take months to clean and the water is never really the same after that. Wildlife can’t thrive with unclean water. Putting more oil centers on land isn’t the best solution but it could save more animals that way. An even crazier idea would be to get rid of all oil centers and find a renewable resource to use, again I really have no idea what we could do other than to stop using it.


The Green Bulb?

Environmentalism is the new fad, with more and more products claiming to be “green”. Green is the new black. Companies are even making public campaigns for their switch to a more “eco-friendly” drive. According to a Terrachoice 2010 report “since 2009 the number of “greener” products increased by 73%.” But are these claims true? Most likely not, this phenomenon is called green washing. Green washing is false and misleading environmental claims made by companies that are labeled on products. These claims are thus used to conceal corporate behavior that is environmentally harmful. Moreover, it can be considered a PR aim that a company claims to the government, public, and press, that it is “green” when it is in fact the opposite.
These endorsed CFL bulbs are actually quite harmful to the environment contrary to the information that is on the package and what our own government is telling us. Let me tell you why: first off, the lighting of these CFL bulbs is poor, they are not proven to technically last longer, the carbon footprint of the product is not considered, and they contain MERCURY. Yes, MERCURY!! How can an item that contains mercury be “green”, “eco-friendly”, or “smart”? It cannot be, it is almost a contradiction. That’s like saying that the new Carl’s Jr. hamburger that has eight strips of bacon, four slices of cheese, onion rings, two meat patties, and fried pickles is a healthy because it is made with a gluten-free bun and organic veggies. You are ignoring all of the bad ingredients and only focusing on the few good ingredients to make your decision.
The bulbs have even been shown to emit toxic substances, and through electromagnetic exposure can be deemed harmful. The effects of mercury are and have been proven extremely harmful in the past, even so that the use of it has been banned in thermometers. So how is it that they are legally used in these CFL bulbs? I think it is because they are more profitable, but then I would be considered a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Even so, mercury is a dangerous nerve poison which can effect almost every organ in the body, and can even lower ones IQ. The mining of mercury and the toxic substance itself is harmful to the environment! These bulbs also carry a pretty extensive carbon footprint. They are produced in hazardous settings in oversees where the workers to do wear protective gear. The disposing of the bulb is often times not done properly which adds to the environmental hazard that the CFL bulb produces.
I think a green solution to this problem is simple, stop pushing and marketing the CFL’s over the conventional incandescent bulb. They are not eco-friendly or even smart. The incandescent bulbs have better lighting and fewer harmful substances. The bulbs are even safer and relatively simple to manufacture. The government in the US and in Europe should reverse their decision to ban the use of the conventional halogen bulb, it is wrong, is can more harmful implications than beneficial.

Alexandra Adesalu


Green Bum

Mariam Mirza

Today I present to you a diaper that is also eco-friendly. Realizing how much space and money it takes to purchase diapers it just keeps adding up. With that going eco-friendly to help with the environment was a positive benefit as an outcome. Is it really though? Are we being misinformed or being led on? That is where we are being green washed or as they say “brainwashed”. As much as the outside of the box looks eco-friendly with the color green all over, it is hiding much of that dirt in the label section. Having done research found some dirt on how this is considered green washing. They cannot confirm if they are free of fragrance. Also don’t warn us about the gel they use to keep the diapers absorbent.

As considering it is taking an approach towards the eco-friendly and making it green shows the customer it is supporting a good cause. The box in color green shows awareness for our planet. Another thing that caught my attention was the different races of babies shown on the ads and boxes. This promotes the product to many different people making it a favorite for many. The wide variety of selection in sizes is also a smart idea for keeping the customers with them throughout the baby’s diaper years. This will help the company make more profit in the long run. Marketing is a big way to keep a product in the eye for the customers of today. Like many people, when it comes to their child they want the best of the best. By marketing the Huggies diapers with logos of organic and green signs shows the customer it will be the best for their kid. Today’s technology being so advanced is able to promote the product online and give some facts and details before the customer purchases. Also available for an online purchase it benefits the companies make profit in that sense as well. Instead of still using chemicals to make the dye of the diaper appear white even after the baby goes potty, having it stick to the old roots and making it a cloth diaper. This also is recyclable. In the long run this could benefit the company as well.


Greenwashing Disposable Diapers

Sal Popal
Some alternatives to disposable diapers are cloth diapers. If more people used cloth diapers, they would save lots of money and using cloth diapers is actually better for the environment because disposable diapers create waste in landfills. Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer product in landfills. With cloth diapers, you never run out of diapers, so there is no reason to stress about having to go to the store to purchase more diapers. Diapers are expensive and I believe that using cloth diapers is a cheap and great alternative to disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are mainly used by people, that truly care about the environment.

Another alternative that I believe is worth a shot, is for parents to use buckets and try and teach their baby’s how to poop and pea, before they are even ready to be potty trained. Parents could walk around with a bucket in hand all day at their house if needed and they could try an catch their baby’s poop and urine. It is possible that the bucket method could even speed up the potty training process for babies. Once the baby is ready to be potty trained, it could be a much smoother transition because the babies were taught to poop an pea in a bucket. There are some countries, that actually use this method. My aunt that lives in Sweden did this for her kids because she couldn’t afford to buy all those disposable diapers. I believe that if more parents actually tried this method, they would be much happier because they would not have to spend thousands of dollars for disposable diapers. In order for parents to get involved and for this social transformation to be possible, I believe that there has to be some big named people out there in the world, such as celebrities, that use this method on their babies. Then a lot of parents that love those celebrities, will be inspired by them and would then try the method on their baby’s because celebrities can easily influence people to buy things, for example; kind of like how Lebron James makes people want to buy his shoes. This may sound stupid, but maybe one day, someone can invent some type of sensor, that parents can attach to their baby’s body, that would be able to tell the parents, when the baby is about to urinate or poop. Then the parent’s could run and get that bucket or have it there already and be ready to catch their baby’s poop or urine.

If all parents implemented these two methods that I discussed. There would be no need for disposable diapers to be made and the environment would then be better off, however I believe that this a long shot from happening and disposable diapers will always be there and people will waste thousands, while diaper companies will make fortunes off of parents. Disposable diapers can claim to be going green as much as they want, but they will still hurt the environment.


Saving Our Poopy Planet, Honestly!

Victoria Cox

The Honest Company is a new line of eco-friendly baby products. This company is a huge example of green washing because people always feel better when using environmentally friendly products with their children (this helps them feel as if they are helping the planet a little more by going ‘green’). This is a company that qualifies as green washing because they are putting a whole new out look on baby products, and not just eco- healthy diapers and wipes. The Honest Company has taken their eco-friendliness to a different height by creating waste –reducing soaps, shampoos, healing balms, detergents, detangling spray, cleaning products, etc. The products they create that are plant based products as well as packaging that is renewable. I would say that The Honest company would suggest that we change almost everything that pertains to baby products, I think that they are trying to become the new and improved and eco-friendly baby product company. They are expecting people follow in their footsteps and redesign their whole dynamic.

A less green washed version of the company would have to be cloth diapers. This is a better solution than plant based product (such as The Honest Company) because this idea expands reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cloth diapers reduce the amount of waste being sent out because they are machine washable. A major obstacle in changing to cloth diapers would have to be keeping the stench of messy butts out of the diaper (even after a cycle in the washing machine). To make this product into a reality, we would have to come up with a eco-friendly and baby-friendly non harmful chemical to revamp (refresh) the diaper to make sure it is sanitary (especially after a poopy diaper,yuck!) Another obstacle to overcome in creating a cloth diaper would have to be the storage…think about it for a second, if you send you baby to their childcare center and they poop, what to do with the stinky diaper until you get home to put it in the washer? Putting the diaper in a bag would be the most logical answer, but wouldn’t the bag have a stench? Yes, but if we could create a bag with a baking soda insole so it was soak up the stinky diaper smell (the baking soda insole would be re-changeable). This could be a HUGE economic transformation because it, first and foremost, will create a whole new job market including; scientist, factory workers, etc. The downfall to this product would be that instead of throwing the dirty diaper in the can, washing the diaper daily would be a mandatory duty…this would cut back on the whole reduce notion. Honestly (ha, no pun intended), this cloth diaper movement could create a whole new social transformation as well. This could be a new social norm which could change the way we look at diapering our babies forever, breaking societal norms in terms of baby care.


Natural and Organic Cosmetics?

One of the biggest industries playing a part in greenwashing is common cosmetics. These products include makeup, shampoo, lotion, spray tans, etc. In this blog post I will be focusing on popular brands of shampoo. It is becoming more and more popular for products to revamp their look adding the words natural and organic to their names and labels. Some products are what they claim to be but most fall short and are using what is called “green washing” to get you to buy their products. Green washing is when a product is promoted as “green” and environmentally friendly but in actuality they work in the opposite way. Typically when a shampoo or makeup claims that they are natural or organic they are not. I, as well as many others, have become a victim of these new sleek pretty bottles with the words natural and organic. Front of bottles will have listed a few of the ingredients which indeed are natural but you turn the bottle around listed are the same harsh dyes and chemicals which are the same ingredients used in other products they are claiming to be set apart from.
A few examples include:
Suave just released a new shampoo and conditioner called Suave Professional Natural Infusion which is advertised to not carry dies, parabens, and to be infused with exotic ingredients. The new bottle is gold with green accent leaves. When taking a closer look the top three ingredients listed are WATER (AQUA) , Sodium Laureth sulfate , sodium chloride. Sodium Lureth sulfate is used to help the product foam well and is not expensive to use in products. This product has been proven to cause issues with eye development, it has been linked to cataracts, and is a proven skin irritant. The third ingredient listed is sodium chloride (salt) which is harmful to hair because it causes it to dry, scalp to itch, and in some cases hair loss.

Organix is a more expensive shampoo and conditioner who’s tag line is “the way nature intended.” The front of these bottles list the natural and exotic ingredients while explaining what they are doing for your hair. Their Hydrating Teatree Mint Oil Shampoo claims to moisturize and strengthen your hair, while adding replenishing proteins, and oils help hydrate and control balance. This is what they want you to believe sets them apart from other shampoos. This products top three ingredients are DI Water (Aqua), Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine. The second ingredient is similar to the second ingredient listed on Suave’s list. DLS has larger molecules that do not penetrate the skin as easily which causes less irritation. But it is not an organic ingredient. The third ingredient is an organic compound derived from coconut oil.

While Organix is a slightly better shampoo it still carries some of the same ingredients as Suave but costs a few more dollars. Typically all shampoos are made of the same ingredients no matter what the front of the bottle claims. It is important when trying to avoid being green washed to look at the list of ingredients and research them. This is true with all store bought products. Don’t be fooled by what is in bold on the front!