Simple Green has been claiming that cleaning products are green both in color and environmental friendliness. Only half of this is true. It is a green color but, as far as being environmentally friendly, it is not. It contains a petrochemical solvent that destroys red blood cells and can cause reproductive problems and birth defects.

“All natural” labels on food mislead people into thinking they are making a good choice for themselves, their families, and the environment and the company gets to carry on with their standard practices without sacrificing, and in fact increasing, profitability. Regulating food labels would eliminate this instance of greenwashing.

Todays blog is going to be based of the website Basically to explain the cover up, mainly the false labeling of the information, a company is PROVIDING to you as a consumer for their standard products. The products being baby bottles, detergents, etc.

Zoos worldwide are supposed to address species’ conservation, captive management, breeding and restoration, and environmental education and research. Zoos can include anything from zoological gardens, biological parks, safari parks, to public aquariums, and bird parks, or even reptile parks. These zoos and zoo tourism have been a way to promote and educate individuals about conservation awareness; however, zoos’ goal to protect the life of plants and animals seems to only take the natural environment away from the animals’ own habitat.

My article is about General Electric’s (GE) 9 year run of its “Ecomagination” campaign. General Electric has been running this campaign in order to show that they are “going green”. What people need to know is that GE is one of the worst chemical producing companies in the world.

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The Sante Fe Natural Tobacco Company, owned by Reynolds American Inc. produces “American Spirit cigarettes. In some of their magazine adds They make the claim the American Spirits are an eco friendly cigarette. Labeling a cigarette as eco friendly or “green” is arguable if not laughable.

Many products have become increasingly labeled green. One product that this has been apparent in is cleaning products. Cleaning products have increasingly been labeled green. This can be somewhat truthful or a lie. Unfortunately either way it doesn’t make it any better for the environment. This is the case because green materials aren’t as efficient at cleaning as tradition cleaning ingredients that are more harmful to the environment.

Hotels spend more time and money claiming to be green rather than actually applying practices to reduce environmental impact. Large percentage’s of green labeled hotel services don’t live up to the standards of being eco-friendly. These companies are known for green washing in order to boost sales and claim the “green-cred”.

Coca Cola, a multi – billion dollar corporation like many like it has adapted over the years in order to maintain profit margins and relevance in the modern world. In this particular attempt, Coca Cola marketed a new “plant bottle” that was suppose to be contain several recyclable plant materials and reduce its carbon footprint. Needless to say, their verbiage and reality stray heavily from one another.

I found the above article, written about American fashion retailer FOREVER XXI, after an event in Los Angeles, California. Attending the event were Mayor of LA, PermaCity Solar (an innovative leader in specialized energy solutions), and of course, the retailer. The fashion giant announced plans to build the largest single-rooftop, solar-powered system in LA County.

Yes, You did not read the title wrong. Fur companies actually tried to convince people that their products are “Eco- friendly” and it worked. This seems wrong on so many levels. I could not believe it when I first found out about it. Greenwashing at it’s finest.

The infamous toy company Mattel is yet another corporation who is pretending to put their green foot forward. They talk a good game about how they plan to reduce their carbon footprint and use sustainable materials but do not always explain how. Check out what their goals are: ; .

Green washing is a common technique used by companies to convince you to buy their products. Most shampoos and cosmetics contain harsh ingredients that cause irritation. Many products have begun to revamp the look of their products adding the more natural and organic ingredients to the front of their bottles in bold to catch your eye. When you take a closer look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle you realize that a lot of the ingredients are the same as the more “damaging” hair products. The issue is you are paying more for the “natural” brands which claim to be more natural but are still containing the toxic ingredients that are in other products.

Mcdonald’s has been known to provide good meals to those in a rush, but what people are consuming isn’t actually natural. Most people are consuming many different ingredients that could harm their body. Using urban farms and not putting antibiotics in cattle is one step toward “natural and local”.

This post will explain how many of leading cleaning products that claim to be green are not being completely honest. While most of them contain some form of plant-based materials, none of them are fully eco-friendly, contain some form of toxins, and come in containers that are not composed of recycled materials.

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