McDonald’s have started airing new advertisements that put forth the idea that all items on their menu are “natural, local, and grown on small farms”. One ad in particular shows a man, Frank Martinez, a farmer for McDonald’s going about his normal chores on the farm. By the end of the video the ad shows him eating his raw grown potatoes and says something along the lines of ” these potatoes taste good now, but when they are at Mcdonald’s they will be even better”. When it comes down to it, there is no connection between local farms and Mcdonald’s whatsoever. The corporation uses meats that come from traders like Golden State Foods. On the menu, the forever popular Big Mac says it has a “100% Angus beef patty”, when in reality is a mixture of other meats, lactic acid, artificial flavoring, and beef broth. In fact in it was stated that cattle was being fed nearly 25 million pounds of antibiotics a year, roughly 8 times the amount given to humans to cure diseases, but in retrospect can cause many outbreaks in bacteria in animals resistant to some drugs. These antibiotics were used for making the cattle healthier and also faster growth. Not only are these ads deceiving but they are slowing greenwashing the consumers since they are showing their potential costumers that their food is actually natural and local. It also shows that they actually care what you are putting into your mouth when in reality they just want more money being spent on the non-natural and antibiotic filled Big Mac.
Though McDonald’s have some fattening but tasty meals that are relatively cheap in cost and fast to eat, they are slowly impacting the planet and our species. The ways of farming for major corporations needs to be fast and furious to get to stores quickly and efficiently. This would mean that pesticides,GMOs and antibiotics would be added to the cattle and crops that are produced to quicken the time. This being done alters the environment drastically, affect the consumers bodies in negative ways. A way to change this, is to possibly, though quite extreme but already executed in Chicago, is to create basically an urban farm close to some Mcdonald’s in the area so that they could be actually “local and natural”. Urban farms could be anything from growing some vegetables and owning a hen house on the roof of a store, or buying a small spot of land nearby and doing the same. Doing so would create healthier produce. As for beef, it is pretty hard to get a cow in an urban setting, but another way could have a written guarantee that the cows don’t consume GMOs or antibiotics to fatten up faster. Though some reports have written that Mcdonald’s has reduced the amount of antibiotics consumed in their cattle, who not just get rid of them all together to make that Big Mac as natural as it as the potential to be.

ad with Frank Martinez:
Written by : Kam Eflin