What “GE” really stands for.

My name is Samuel Washington and I believe General Electric (GE) is one of the worst culprits of green-washing. GE is a Fortune 500 company that has some of the most creative advertising/marketing professionals. These professionals are able to manipulate, mislead, and confuse the public into thinking that they are an “eco-friendly” company that is “going-green” in order to “save the planet”, and that you should buy their household appliances because they are more energy-efficient. GE launched its “Ecomagination” campaign back in 2005 and has spent millions and millions of dollars in order to promote that their appliances are better for the environment, they have even had a Super Bowl ad. What the public needs to realize is that GE is the fifth largest chemical producing company in the world and while their household appliances may be more eco-friendly than others, you would need to purchase every single GE brand appliance in order to see a real difference.

An alternative approach to solve the problem of is that maybe the Government should get rid of monopoly laws for some industries if the outcome would help the environment and ultimately save the planet. This way, everyone would buy GE brand appliances meaning they’d be using the most energy-efficient ones.