Green Cleaning

Many products have become increasingly labeled green when this is either not the whole truth or a flat out lie. Companies doing this to make consumers buy their product because they are fooled into thinking it is helping the environment is a way to describe greenwashing. Greenwashing is a more recent phenomenon where large companies distract consumers from the very negative effects of our industrial and disposible society by making consumers feel they are changing this by buying “green” products. One product that this has been apparent in is cleaning products. Cleaning products have increasingly been labeled green. This can be somewhat truthful or a lie. Unfortunately either way it doesn’t make it any better for the environment. This is the case because green materials aren’t as efficient at cleaning as tradition cleaning ingredients that are more harmful to the environment. However, sense they are less efficient that means that they require more packaging, more waste, more plastic which means more oil, more fuel, and more problems for the environment. This defeats all purpose of them being “green” and may even be less green than the generic counterpart. This example of greenwashing suggest we may need to changes things. It could suggest we change simple things like the restrictions to label your products as green is a small change but doesn’t change much. A larger change would be to eliminate small bottles of cleaner and find a new way to deliver cleaner to people who need it.

A way to greatly eliminate this greenwashing due to cleaning supplies would be to change the entire system of selling them. Instead of the current system where you can go to the store and but 100 different bottles of cleaning solution with a fifth or a quarter labeled green there would be one main supply system for a multi purpose cleaner. The government could start to implement a large tax on all individually bottled cleaners. While also contracting the largest supplier to create the greenest most effective multi-purpose cleaner. Then the government could then start to create infrastructure around the U.S. for this public mutli-purpose cleaner. It would eliminate the waste from all the bottle used and then thrown away and would make people have their own bottle or bucket that they would keep. This infrastructure could be delivered directly to everyone’s home like water or have public access point where people could pay near nothing comparatively to individually bottled. This would be a realistic effective way to eliminate a lot of trash, oil, fuel, and could show people that they do not need to be part of the giant societal fall of consumerism and waste with disposable goods. This would be a solution to help stop multi-purpose cleaners from greenwashing Americans and create a functional system to get the public a product they need.