Green Spirits

So American spirits have always been getting into trouble with their slogans such as “additive free” which insinuated that they produce a safer cigarette. this is not the case and soon after they started using that slogan they were forced to add “No additives in our tobacco does not mean a safer cigarette.” Now in AMerican Spirit adds in magizines they are taking the “eco Friendly approach. They claim that American Spirits are eco friendly because In 2010 they saved 280,000 paper towels in their office as well as 30,000 disposable cups by switching to glazed mugs. In addition their sales team saved 312 barrels of oil by switching to a hybrid car fleet. I fail to see how this makes American Spirit cigarettes eco friendly. How can something that is proven to kill humans be eco friendly? Not to mention that cigarettes are one of the most littered thing in our country. This is a prime example of greenwashing. This company has a few small aspects that one could call “green” therefor they say overall they are a green, eco friendly company.

If American spirits really wanted to truthfully say they are an eco friendly company I would suggest the following. First of all one of the biggest things that must be addressed when taking about cigarettes are the incredibly high levels of cigarette butts being littered through out the streets. everywhere we go we see mounds of cigarette butts collected in the gutters and the cracks of the sidewalks. If they were to develop a more biodegradable cigarette filter that would be a good first step. Next I would say that in addition to their sales team having a fleet of hybrid cars that every automobile used to transport products made by this company should all be hybrids at the very least and at best be car that completely run on alternative energy. However at the end of the day cigarettes still create smoke and that ultimately makes it not an eco friendly product. When you account for all the smoke just nation wide plus the carbon footprint from all the tobacco farms required to run this company it becomes clear that there re more steps they can take in an eco friendly direction but overall they will never have a totally eco friendly product.