What I Learned

Last semester I began my Chemical Engineering Major; they threw a crazy amount of information at me, which was very overwhelming and seemed unachievable. Even though the experience had many uncertainties it has helped so much and prepared me for the semesters to come.

I learned the importance of being proactive. Whether that be through volunteering, community, or working hard. Surrounding yourself with positive influences has helped so much with my stress & school anxiety. Many clubs and organizations (relating to your major) are available to help with being uncertain. I’m involved with an engineering mentoring program, where we partnered up with upperclassmen to help with any questions you have about the program/ classes I need to take. These programs not only help you experience new ideas, but they also look great on resumes; it helps let your future employer know you were actively involved in the community and that you’d be useful to their company.

This year I’m not as worried about the future and have made it an effort to continually learn more about my major. In years past I’ve found it difficult to see how some schoolwork is relevant for my future career. Currently I’m enrolled with an Introduction to Programming class. We’re learning Excel and this is the first time I can actually see myself working on this after I graduate.

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  1. I found reading your blog actually very informative and helpful. I am a Computer Science major and just started taking the classes for my major and I am really understanding what you mean when you say they throw crazy amounts of work at you. I am currently so overwhelmed with everything, but I know that management is key. I see so many similarities in what you said revolving how I feel and also like seeing that you saying that getting involved was a big help. I know I problem would not have even thought about it if you didn’t mention it. I am very thankful you wrote this piece, it shows that I am not alone in the struggles that some of these majors bring with them, so for that thank you.

  2. I relate a lot with what you said about how you started out very uncertain about your first semester. I am a Mechanical Engineering major and have gone through some of the same experiences. I agree with what you said about surrounding yourself with the right people. I have found some good friends in the engineering program that have some of the same goals as me. I am also currently trying to get involved with an engineering club called, ASME. I was interested in what you said about volunteering and getting involved with the community. I really should get involved more, but I am a bit lazy when it comes to volunteering.

  3. I’m a Dental Hygeine major, but I feel like I can relate with you. At first, all the classes and information being thrown at you can be pretty overwhelming. Being surrounded with people with a good work ethic can rub off and help you get work done. I’ve also learned that clubs and organizations also help with your resume, as you said in your blog.

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