A New Schedule

For some people staying up till 2-3am finishing a homework assignment works for them, but last year it caused me more stress/worry than good. I decided to change up my sleep schedule because 2-3am nights didn’t work for me and left me exhausted & miserable the next day. Over break I watched a few YouTube videos explaining how to change up your sleep schedule the right way. The trick is going to bed your normal time and waking up the time you want to change it to; don’t take any naps in-between and when you’re ready to fall back asleep wait till the time that’ll give you 8 hours of sleep and wake up your desired time. This took me a few nights during break to get it right but I did. Training myself to a different sleep time over break wasn’t ideal, but I knew if I waited for classes to start I would’ve fallen into the same bad habits. I’ve been trying going to bed around 10 (or sooner), then waking up 5 for a good 7 hours of sleep. Never have I been a morning person! It’s crazy waking up at 5, but I actually find it very peaceful in the morning; where it feels like I’m up before the world’s awake and I’ve got a head start on my day.

Having a routine helps me accomplish what needs to get done and keeps me on top of my work. After waking up, I make my bed; pretty simple thing to do, but to me it means more. It became a habit of mine not to make my bed in the morning because I felt lazy in the morning and it felt like I ‘didn’t have time’. Then I heard a talk once about making your bed; it talked about making your bed and how it prepares you for your day; it’s your first accomplishment of the day. Then when you have a bad day, where you feel unproductive and lazy, you’ll come home to your one accomplishment; your nicely made bed.

Eating breakfast is something I would also skip during high school & last semester. Many people have told me time and time again how important a good breakfast is but I didn’t listen. I’ve eaten breakfast every day this semester and I’ve had so much more energy and motivation for my day.

Last semester didn’t go great with these unhealthy lifestyles I had. I was constantly tired and unmotivated to complete assignments. Coming into this semester, not because of New Years, but because my academic grades weren’t where I wanted them to be. I knew I needed to change my system and know when to prioritize certain assignments. Not to say you should change up your system, but this is what works for me. You should though find an area in your life you feel could improve on and find a routine that works for you.


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  1. My experience with sleep this semester is the total opposite of what it was last semester. I was going to bed on time and had so much energy during the day in the fall, but this semester I am like how you were with the very little sleep and no motivation. This semester I have and 8am twice a week and am taking 17 credits. In addition to that I am involved a lot in my organization, FACT, by being a part of their culture night, flag football, and more. Football practice is 3 days a week from 8-10pm and right after I have culture night rehearsals from 10pm-12am. I thought that I would be able to handle the workload since I chose classes that weren’t too rigorous; however I was mistaken. A month into the first semester I am getting little sleep during the week and having a hard time sticking to a sleep and school work schedule. I am hoping that if I keep trying to plan my days out better it will help like it did for you.

  2. I totally agree with this post. I believe that many students at VCU stay up very late and have poor time management, so this will help many students. I have never been the type to waste my sleep, so I can definitely stand by this and say that it does help. Spreading out assignments and getting the proper amount of sleep will also help you not miss class as well. All of these things will help bring up your confidence in your work as well since you do not have to rush it because you want to sleep. Through using these techniques I gained a a 3.8 the first semester. I know that many of us want to party and have fun, but this is the real reason were here. Hopefully the students physical health and mental health will be changed by this. Keep up the sleeping, studying, and assignments and you’ll be golden.

  3. I completely agree with all the points you’ve made in this blog. I think many students, especially college students, forget the importance of a full night of sleep (between 7-8 hours). A lot of students are taking 16-18 credits per semester, i’m taking 17 credits and it’s about 7 classes, which for a lot of people is a large course load for one semester. Students tend to feel like they’re invincible and focus a lot of their time on doing class work or studying, and don’t take any time for themselves. We’re so focused on pushing to get the best grades possible in fear of failure, but we forget that we’re human and as humans we need breaks, nobody can run fully with only 5 hours of sleep, over time the lack of sleep actually has a large impact on our health. That’s why I think being more aware of how much time we’re spending on assignments and focusing a bit more on our mental and physical health is extremely important.

  4. Sleep is an important thing that most of us don’t realize it is! I have a few friends that stay up really late until 4am and I literally knock out when it hits midnight. Without sleep we really aren’t able to function throughout the day. Last semester I was taking 15 credits but it was 7 classes. Everyday my schedule was filled and I wouldn’t have a break. It was easy for me to sleep at night because of how exhausted I was but it wasn’t great mentally. Everyone should focus more on their sleep, mental health, and physical health. Since we have all started college I think most of us don’t realize how important it is.

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