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This Wednesday was the engineering career fair. Where employers came to consider students for Internships,  Co-ops, and/or future jobs. It also gave students an opportunity to learn more about different companies and what skills employers look for in their industries. We have a fair each semester so if you happened to miss the one you could attend the other. As an assignment for my Professional Development class we had to attend the fair and also prepare for it. Having this as an assignment was really beneficial to me and prepared me more than if I had gone on my own. Before we went to the fair it was relevant for us to have our Handshake & LinkedIn profiles, resume, and cover letters completed so we had the basic/beginner requirements.

For me this was my first career fair to attend. Beforehand I researched a good about of information about some companies I was interested in. Aerotek, AdvanSix, and WestRock were a few of the companies I looked into. AdvanSix was one company that interested me the most but was only hiring sophomores and older. What I found fascinating about this company was that they are the leading producer of Nylon 6. It’s a bit hard to process that someday in the future I could be working for a big/well-known company, but it is exciting to see how far I’ve come, even with only one semester done. Classes that are coming up do intimidate me, but I’ll take it day by day and not try to think about the future too much.

After leaving the fair I could’ve definitely prepared more. I passed out all the resumes I brought and was surprised of how many employers took my resume as a freshman; I definitely will print out more for the next fair. Researching more companies and asking specific questions about their industry will also help more in the future. Over summer break I plan to look into where my interests are in companies and what line of work I’d like to go into, to narrow the search for employment.

It was a great learning experience, and I’m glad I went out of my way to talk to more employers to gain more experience with talking professionally. I even had a few employers tell me how relevant it was to start off early as a freshman and being proactive; to keep goals and success in mind to accomplish what may seem unachievable at find.

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  1. I am in the school of engineering as well. I did not attend the career fair but I sorta wished I did. I did not have to go but I do think that I missed out. I do not know exactly what I want to do when I graduate and I know it is a bit early to lock something down, but I believe the career fair would have helped. I am also intimidated by future classes and you made it a good point to take it day by day. I should do the same to try so that I don’t stress about the future.

  2. Yo what is up!

    This was a fun read because I also went to the career fair but we had different experiences.

    Even though we are both freshmen I did not prepare as much as you did because I am not taking the Professional Development class like you are. I just went to look around and I had no intention of talking to any employers. Especially, I was not ready to present myself to employers because I did not have a suit on or even a resume to give them.

    However, I was actually approached by an employer for the US army who were looking for mechanical engineers who could begin interning from their freshman year and experience level was not important. It was a shock to me but I agree that going as a freshman is very important to get used to talking to professional employers.

    Thanks for sharing.

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