Working in the Pharmacy

I’ve worked at Kroger pharmacy as a pharmacy technician for about 8-9 months. My dad also worked in the pharmacy in college and suggested it was a good job to have on a resume. I took the position knowing I’d only be able to work 1-2 days a week during school, and thankfully it’s provided me enough money to make monthly car payments and a little money left over for myself.

As a pharmacy tech, we’re responsible for entering prescriptions into the computer, counting prescriptions, releasing them to the patient, and many other small jobs. From working at Kroger, I’ve learned to be patient, to listen, and to understand.

Working at Kroger has helped my memorizing skills. I’m a person you have to tell twice before I really remember something, so it was difficult for me at first to really listening to what the patient was asking me. Some patients it’s hard to understand them, whether their voice is damaged from smoking or if English is their second language. Working in this atmosphere has helped me listen and communicate better.

Constantly people ask us where other items are in the store, but since that isn’t our department we really don’t know where anything else is. If we had more time it would be ideal if we familiarized ourselves with the store, but in the pharmacy, it’s usually nonstop. We also come across many rude customers, some people don’t understand the stress that is put on us. We stress over time, recently Kroger has cut our hours, which leaves us with fewer technicians and more impatient customers. We want to be fast at what we do, while also making sure we efficiently count prescriptions without error; some customers don’t understand, they’ll complain about the time, but we’re doing the best we can do.  For me, it’s very easy to take it personally, but I know I’m doing everything I can to make sure the customer is happy.

I’ve learned you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Maybe you’re in a rush, but you never know what others around you are dealing with. Some patients come to the pharmacy straight from the doctor, or they’re going out of town (where they need to pick up their medications earlier); it’s best to be more aware of the situations around you and be more compassionate of what others are going through. By looking at a different perspective, I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself.

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  1. This is so cool that you were able to work in a Pharmacy. That’s great that you were able to learn while being in a work environment. You were getting a 2 for 1 deal, working getting paid but also learning and gaining skills that will further you in your education and workplace. All these skills will make you so successful and better at everything you do. I think its really awesome what you are doing and how you get to impact the lives of the people you give medication too, and the people you work with.

  2. I am actually interested in becoming a pharmacy technician but when I decided to do research on the job, I found that I would have to work in the actual store for at least a year before I could become a technician in stores like cvs, walgreens, and rite aid. I have not yet checked with Kroger to see if i am eligible to work there without having to start out as a regular store employee. Did you work in the actual store first? If not it is great that they lt start off as a technician. I want to be a pharmacist when i graduate so it would be a great opportunity to already work in the pharmacy for prior experience.

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