AdvanSix Co-Op

Earlier this semester I went to the Engineering Spring Career Fair (in East Hall). It was required for me to go for my Professional Development class. We needed to print out our resumes and talk to employers. I wasn’t looking forward to talking to employers, they were all dressed up and very professional (I was afraid I’d mess up). I talked to three companies, one of which was AdvanSix. AdvanSix is an engineering company that produces a wide range of products (plastics, nylon, and even fertilizer). I’ve heard good things about this company, and I even have a friend that works there. I handed them my resume and talked a bit more about their company.

I received an email back around a week after the fair from AdvanSix asking for a Skype interview, this came to a surprise to me since usually freshman don’t get this opportunity. I was tempted to just ignore the email, I was scared and haven’t had a professional interview. I decided to accept the interview invite. I was going into the interview with the mindset of a learning opportunity, so if I did mess up I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. It’s ok to slip up as long as you learn from that bad experience and change it up next time.

The interview was kind of shaky at first, we couldn’t get Skype to connect, so we switched to a phone interview. Afterwards, I felt okay about how it went, but also not assured I had presented myself the best way I could. I brushed off my mistakes and used it as a learning lesson. I learned how professional interviews go and what questions you should be prepared to answer.

About a week or two later I opened up my laptop to do homework, then checked my emails. AdvanSix had offered me a Co-Op for Summer 2019! This news was so shocking, I had to close my computer and the work I was doing to stand up and do something. I was so nervous, confused, but mostly happy & excited. Why had they chosen me, a freshmen, with very little experience in engineering? I still don’t understand.

The Co-Op is very close and I’ll be able to stay at home & commute to work. Overall, I’m just so overwhelmed & blessed to have this opportunity. I couldn’t be more thankful to God :), He had a plan for me even when I couldn’t see it at first. I went into the interview with no expectations of getting a position, I learned that you never know what opportunity can open another door.

These Beautiful Spring Days :D

Weather is a topic everyone can fall back on in a conversation. Especially in Virginia with all of its crazy weather. With all the rain we’ve gotten in the past year it’s made it difficult to enjoy Richmond. We’ve had to avoid massive puddles and awkwardly bumping umbrellas with someone. Then the awful wind that flips your umbrella inside out, making the walk even more awkward.

I have absolutely LOVED the nice weather, it honestly lifts my mood so much. I love running in the spring, and Richmond, although running may seem difficult with all the torn up sidewalks, there are so many places to run to! I’ve traveled between Maymont, Belle Isle, and Browns Island within this week (and some multiple times).  Running in this weather brings me so much joy, especially in the mornings (to begin the day).

Biking is also a hobby I’d love to get into, as a commuter I’m not sure if I could fit my bike in my small Honda Fit. Honestly though, that car actually has a lot more room than expected so I may try fitting it anyways or investing in a bike rack for the back. I always loved riding bikes, it gives off that flying feeling, soaring down the path ahead.

Eno hammocks are also great! I don’t have one, but many of my friends do & I’m so grateful to them sharing it with me. They’re very accessible and relaxing, it’s great on a semi-windy warm day when it slowly rocks you with the shade from the tree that also supports you. There’re so many advantages to investing in a hammock, it gives you a place to read, work on homework, or even take a nice nap with calming music.

I am so grateful and excited for the weather to continue to get warmer (hopefully) to enjoy the beautiful nature of Richmond. There’re many more places to explore throughout Richmond, I am so ready for spring/summer to experience new places!!