These Beautiful Spring Days :D

Weather is a topic everyone can fall back on in a conversation. Especially in Virginia with all of its crazy weather. With all the rain we’ve gotten in the past year it’s made it difficult to enjoy Richmond. We’ve had to avoid massive puddles and awkwardly bumping umbrellas with someone. Then the awful wind that flips your umbrella inside out, making the walk even more awkward.

I have absolutely LOVED the nice weather, it honestly lifts my mood so much. I love running in the spring, and Richmond, although running may seem difficult with all the torn up sidewalks, there are so many places to run to! I’ve traveled between Maymont, Belle Isle, and Browns Island within this week (and some multiple times).  Running in this weather brings me so much joy, especially in the mornings (to begin the day).

Biking is also a hobby I’d love to get into, as a commuter I’m not sure if I could fit my bike in my small Honda Fit. Honestly though, that car actually has a lot more room than expected so I may try fitting it anyways or investing in a bike rack for the back. I always loved riding bikes, it gives off that flying feeling, soaring down the path ahead.

Eno hammocks are also great! I don’t have one, but many of my friends do & I’m so grateful to them sharing it with me. They’re very accessible and relaxing, it’s great on a semi-windy warm day when it slowly rocks you with the shade from the tree that also supports you. There’re so many advantages to investing in a hammock, it gives you a place to read, work on homework, or even take a nice nap with calming music.

I am so grateful and excited for the weather to continue to get warmer (hopefully) to enjoy the beautiful nature of Richmond. There’re many more places to explore throughout Richmond, I am so ready for spring/summer to experience new places!!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! This weather has been so uplifting and making me want to be more active. It’s so nice to just have the window in my room open and have fresh air to breathe. I too commute and have thought about bringing my bike. Sometimes I think how great of an idea it seems and how much fun it seems, but I may just start off with my roller skates and roller skate to campus. However, you can rent bikes and scooters here if you want to test out what biking here would be like. Richmond is great because there are so many things to do! Hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, a whole multitude of ideas for things to do around here. it’s great! I am even exciting for the spring thunder storms and when it gets all dark and cloudy out. I love falling asleep to rain hitting the pane of my window and thunder shaking the ground, as well as the flash of light I see between my blinds and windows when lightening strikes. I am happy to have thunder storms because they are happening due to the warm weather, and because of that I am so excited!

  2. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I HATE winter with everything inside of me, I get so miserable and grumpy and don’t want to do anything but stay inside, cuddle up, and watch movies. But with the weather getting warmer, I am outside all of the time. I love going to get dinner and eating it in the park and I love when I have homework to do I open my window to my dorm. I think we all become happier when the weather is nice. I haven’t been able to go explore all the things in the Richmond because I am overwhelmed with homework and studying but I hope to get out more on the weekends.

  3. This weather really changes everyone’s mood, it feels like a nicer brighter day when the weather is warmer. I usually work out in the gym but reading your post has made me feel more inclined to go to Maymount or the island for a run or for an exercise. I love this weather too cause the fashion for spring clothes is my favorite, I love all the spring clothes and how colorful they can be. Hopefully since finals is coming up this weather can keep me in a positive mood.

  4. Weather like this is absolutely undefeated. Nice weather just allows me to do so much more. I can hang out in Monroe Park, do homework outside, and just walk around Richmond with my friends. It also allows me to dress better. I can wear me shorts, with the nice button down shirt, and no show socks and be completely comfortable. I can’t wait for the weather to be like this all the time.

  5. True this weather has been great especially compared to last semester and the beginning of this semester. With the major rain showers, hurricanes, and tornadoes of last semester and Richmond’s poor drain placement, it has been awful. but as you said now that it is spring and its getting warm everything is so much more joyful and colorful. seasonal depression is canceled.

  6. So, I am definitely excited that it is getting warmer outside because these cold days in Richmond are a monster. Also the days that it is pouring outside and we have to walk to class. It sucks. But the only thing that I am weary about going into this nice warm weather is the pollen and the bugs. Both of which I am highly allergic to. It seems like the pollen is a million times worse than usual this year which is a nightmare for my sinuses. Not to mention being traumatized by bees, wasps, and anything else that flies while i am outside. These two factors are the only reason I am somewhat opposed to this nice weather.

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