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A social story may be needed to assist a child in achieving a goal, target behavior, or task. Typically, social stories assist students/children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, or Intellectual Disability (King, Social Stories). As a toddler/preschool teacher, I feel social stories would greatly benefit current and future students of mine. A hypothetical […]

Second Blog

In an early childhood special education classroom, some areas of primary focus include self-care and social-emotional skills. The SETT framework would assist the special education teacher in observing the student’s strengths and areas of concern as well as their environments, specific tasks, and needed tools. Once the IEP team members have been identified and all […]

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First Blog: Rachel Griffin One of our daily activities in my toddler classroom is to pick our “jobs.” Some of these jobs include door holder, clipboard helper, sunscreen helper, watering plants, etc. For each job, I have provided a written label and picture to assist in describing the function of that job. For example, there […]

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