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A social story may be needed to assist a child in achieving a goal, target behavior, or task. Typically, social stories assist students/children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, or Intellectual Disability (King, Social Stories). As a toddler/preschool teacher, I feel social stories would greatly benefit current and future students of mine. A hypothetical scenario for a social story might be the topic/behavior of pushing. Next, I would gather the information to write the social story such as the student’s language level and functional behavioral analysis, and I would begin writing rough drafts. In this pretend-scenario, the student is highly verbal and pushing occurs in moments where there is not enough personal space (i.e. lining up, circle time meetings, lunch tables).  Therefore, I would title the story, “My Space Bubble.” I would then encourage the child’s interaction with the story by having them decorate the title and pages through bubble art. I feel like this will help make a positive connection as I’ve done “Bubble” units in my classrooms before and most of the children have greatly enjoyed exploring bubbles. “My Space Bubble” rough draft would read as follows:

Page 1: I sit with my friends on the fuzzy carpet.

Page 2: My friends sit on their mats.

Page 3: My mat is purple.

Page 4: My friends have different colored mats.

Page 5: My friends might sit close to me.

Page 6: I use my hands to hold my purple “squish” ball.

Page 7: There is lots of space on the fuzzy carpet.

Page 8: I have a space bubble. I sit with my friends on the fuzzy carpet.

I would revise this story as needed and include photographs of the student joining the class on the fuzzy carpet during meetings/discussions, and sitting on their purple mat, and holding the purple “squish” ball. After reviewing the social story with parents, teachers, caregivers, I would then introduce the book to the child and read it many times, decreasing the time as the behavior/goal continues improving and until it becomes accomplished.



King, Alison, Ph.D. Creating Social Stories. Nd. Powerpoint.

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