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Before Module Reflection Questions:


  1. To me, early literacy involves developing the skills to read, write, and communicate. For younger children, these skills evolve as they practice turning pages in a book, orientating books correctly, sequencing favorite stories, and filling in the blanks to favorite books. Many children also begin to deliberately “write” by scribbling strings of similar marks and dictating these words.
  2. I do not believe that early literacy only involves books. I believe teachers can promote and encourage early literacy skills by having print all around the classroom. For example, have the children’s names written on cubbies, have center areas and toys labeled in various languages, have a diverse selection of books available, writing down the children’s responses in artwork and discussion, reading and following along with an index finger, singing rhyming songs and name songs, providing pencils, crayons, drawing tools, etc.
  3. I believe early literacy and language skills begin in infancy. Children begin babbling, recognizing caregiver’s voices, inflection, and songs. Many children also respond to caregivers questions or verbalize their wants and needs by gestures, babbles, motions, etc.
  4. I believe that children develop early literacy abilities through interactions and an environment that promotes these skills such as daycares, preschools, and their home environment. By narrating, communicating, and reading with children, I believe these skills will continue to flourish.


After Module Reflection Questions:


  1. This module has further emphasized the importance of early literacy to me and I did learn more in-depth about the domains of early literacy.
  2. I will continue to create a print-rich classroom and incorporate more fingerplays and songs that acknowledge phonological awareness and bring attention to syllables. I will also provide even more materials in the classroom for literacy play such as dry-erase letter stencils, a variety of drawing tools, and letter puzzles and matching games.

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