Who is doing better in America right now?

When confronted with the question of “who is doing better, men or women?” I would have to say men. However, the lack of women’s fair treatment is becoming more apparent with new waves of feminism, this time raising concerns not just about equal rights but social injustices. These differences in treatment can be easily seen in employment, for example, maternity leave. The U.S. is one of the only eight countries who do not have mandates supporting paid maternity leave. This leaves women in the workplace to choose between caring for their child or a paycheck. On the other hand, employment options sway  on possible gender discrimination and opportunity. Depending on the profession either sex could have a better chance of being hired. For example, jobs in business, it is believed that women are discriminated against by both men(33%) and women(55%). This can also be seen in different types of professions, like IT, where women are more sought after to displace the male majority of workers. Not just in terms of employment but wage, women are discriminated against. Data confirms that women make 77 cents for every dollar made by a man. Like previously stated, its quite obvious men are faring better. The best way to change this and ensure equality would be legislation. I think in the next couple of decades the current ideology of government, social behavior and ethics will change. These new, more liberal social view which have sprouted with Gen-X and only continue to develop through predecessor generations.  With this new ideology, I believe knowledge of this discrimination will result in appropriate legislation without conflict, hopefully.. if not, the awareness will definitely help get something through that could lead to progression in the future.