“As We May Think” nugget

In the article “As We May Think” I read this quote on page four

“If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get far in our understanding of the physical world. One might as well attempt to grasp the game of poker entirely by the use of the mathematics of probability.”

This quote is something that resonated with me. After having an internal conflict a few months ago about what qualities I found important about myself. It brought me back to a Ted Talk video my friend had shown me, which ultimately helped me find resolution.

Both  Vannevar Bush and Ken Robinson talk about how society has praised certain qualities. Regardless of how society has changed over time these qualities remain most valued.  They point out some of the fallacies in our beliefs and  structure that should be revised to further advancements.

4 thoughts on ““As We May Think” nugget

  1. I find it great that you found a way to link this to a Ted Talk video, which is commonly watched by many people. I agree with the need for further enhancements.

  2. This is so cool! I’ve actually watched this TedTalk for a previous class, and I definitely think it resonates well in comparison to the quote you provided. I also agree that certain qualities remain extremely valued in society no matter how long it’s been.

  3. I love how you related the quote from the article to that TedTalk! It’s a great topic, and I agree, certain qualities in our society are constantly praised so when certain students do not posses those same qualities, they begin to doubt their importance when in actually fact maybe they just express their creativity in a different way. Great post!

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