Deep Web for Journalists Nugget

“In an age where journalism – like everything else in modern life – is dominated by the Internet, online safety is emerging as a new front. In this new war, repressive regimes now keep a prying eye on what journalists say, write and film. They want to monitor contacts and they want to suppress information. For journalists, this has become a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Journalists are on notice – “everything you say and write will be taken down and used to track you and your contacts down.” This merciless pursuit for control of online communications has considerably raised the stakes in the current safety crisis facing journalists and the media. We are living at a time of unprecedented levels of violence against the Press.”

A very popular use of the deep web and it’s inherent anonymity is for journalists. Media has become more controversial, and risky as time has progressed. I knew that the deep web could be used to bypass internet limitations in a place like North Korea, etc. for insiders to gain information about the real world around them. However, I never really stopped to think about how dangerous that could be. This could quite literally spell death for any individual who has attained information on someone or something with power.

2 thoughts on “Deep Web for Journalists Nugget

  1. I never was aware of the consequences of finding information, that is scary to know. Journalists don’t sound like they have a very forgiving career!

  2. Interesting, this really goes to show the power of journalism and how it can sway the masses. This can be used to help create ideas in my project which discusses the reasons on why people idolize and follow celebrities or in this case, journalists.

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