COnnecting Nugget

Kyle Terry, a software engineer, likes to have his privacy while browsing the web. He states that people deserve to feel free to research whatever they want without having to feel “guilty” or as if they are being watched over the internet. Kyle goes on to explain how the darknet has amassed a bad reputation for proography, drugs and illegal firearms. But this isn’t all that is on the dark web, the bad comes with the good, what’s most important is your anonymity.

Kyle also goes on to say The dark­net was used dur­ing the Arab Spring to orga­nize protests, it’s been used to share infor­ma­tion in China. In Iran, the inter­net is heav­ily cen­sored and mon­i­tored. TOR has been key to keep­ing users anony­mous so that the gov­ern­ment there can’t iden­tify indi­vid­ual tar­gets,” as is documented in this report. This also ties back to Alan Pearce’s points on protected media, journalists and the flow of information via the dark web.

This all ties back into surveillance, and monitoring of the surface web. With people discussing openly the benefits of the dark web and making it pertinent that they are being monitored, having their data and personal information collected over the surface web. I think it’s going to be interesting to see if there is a shift or if the popularity of either of the two web types will undergo any significant change.

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