Reflection on research

What do you notice about how other projects are forming so far?

Thus far i’ve noticed most of my peers have found credible sources that have information relevant to their topics.

How do you see you project forming alongside your peers?

My project, amongst those of my peers seems on a similar track. We are still gathering sources and information at this point.

Link out to at least three of your peers’ posts (at least two outside of your class section)  and explain how you work so far compares/connects in any way.

[blog 1] In Allyson’s nugget she takes a quote anr in turn describes how this quote from a source will by useful to her topic. I also choose to follow this model for my connecting nugget.

[blog 2] Again in a very similar composition to Allyson’s nugget and my own, this author took an excerpt out of their source and explains its usefulness to their topic. This could relate to my topic because it pertains to social media which in turn related to the gathering a personal data.

[Blog 3] This author’s topic had to deal with the freedom of speech, just like mine has to to partially with the right to privacy.  Seeing how they author explained how they were going to achieve an unbiased opinion in their paper made me realize the way my paper was set up in my head was extremely biased. I may take a pointer from this author and argue counterclaims to my topic, like if surveillance is really at the prominent to the average person.

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