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Thus far, both sources I have posted about involve political safe haven(by which i mean you are able to remain hidden while spurring an uprise; for example) , and information “smuggling” by media and hackers alike. As someone who’s “for the people” for lack of better terms. I like when to know what’s going on in the world around me. When scandals, cover ups, etc. are exposed I feel more informed and both this knowledge, and realization of people’s deceitfulness attribute to my world views. When information of something is bing hidden, I feel deprived intellectually for not being allowed to analyze these actions for myself.

This could just be a small point, just one of many, I could derive from either of the previously mentioned sources.

I don’t think my question has quite change in meaning. However, I do seem to change wording a lot.. I should write it down somewhere again.

I’ve been interested in dark webs since I found out about their existence via a Youtube video a month or so ago. Since then i’ve been binging on anything I can find that provides actual intellectual value and non-bogus information about it. I found it interesting, as someone who is always connected to the internet, that this whole new entity was hidden right under my nose the whole time.

Next, I will probably look for my scholarly journals, possibly some mainly pertaining to the web browsers used to access dark nets.

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