Concept Experience

1- Most popular used of the dark web. Unfortunately, this can be where things get a little- ehhhhh, shady.. According to a University study ” the most commonly requested type of content on Tor was illegal pornography, followed by black markets, while the individual sites with the highest traffic were dedicated to botnet operations.” However, the tools given to an individual with Tor are to be used at their discretion, whether that be the good, bad or ugly. With the average person using Tor, I think site popularity would shift to a more socially acceptable lot.

On another note, the bulk of the dark web (24.4%) is made of markets, which can sell anything from contraband to a copy or Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

2- Jamie Bartlett(s1), a British Tech-blogger agrees that the dark web is something that will gain in popularity and has a good potential of becoming the “norm” for internet. He also has stated alongside Alan Pearce(s2), that the deep web is a tool. It’s intentions only mirror those of its wielder. Both also agree it’s a shame that the dark web has such a bad reputation in the media for reasons stated in step 1, but by its nature there will be those who abuse a system where freedom is granted. This however cannot be blamed on the deep web, only on those with desire for these products. They bend the anonymity of the deep web to their will and uses it for unethical purposes.

3- When people are given freedom there will always be those who abuse it. Like nuclear materials in weapons and fission reactors, the deep web can be used for both good and evil. At the end of the day it depends on the wielder of the tool, and where they direct it. Even in argument about the ethicality of the dark web, reporters can agree that even the some of the worst it has to offer can better IRL (in real life) situations. Example being the drug traffickers in south america and smugglers. Murder and violence typically follow in wake of the cartels, but with black markets on the internet things become much less violent. It is possible to argue the ethicality of most things on the deep web, most of which can be won, however some are doomed to lose (like porn).

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