1.What is typically understood about your topic, providing necessary background of the issue?

To most, the dark web is usually unknown or had been given a hady or bad reputation by the media. However, people in IT and a few other occupations understand the dark web as something else, something with real world use and purpose.

2.What you find problematic about the typical understanding of your topic, and why this problem is significant to understand?

I find it problematic that dark nets have this bad reputation, when in reality they are used for more than just illegal activities and black markets. They are used to keep “personal data” personal and to retain anonymity over the web.

3.How the research you’ve conducted weighs in on (2) and helps frame how you understand the issue at hand- Your thesis; what you think people should embrace instead of (1) given (2) and (3).

I have read and listen to many people who use dark nets for their intended purpose or who have delved into the topic in attempts to reveal what the darknet truly is like. From all these different viewpoints explaining the uses and how it truly isn’t a malicious entity i have gain understanding of what a darknet really is, why we shouldn’t fear it, and perhaps turn to it as an alternative to our current means of accessing the web.

4.The main points of your argument you wish to address demonstrating why (4) and the support you have for these points.

I wish to argue the future of dark nets, seeing how the retain a person’s anonymity and personal data, as a step of identity protection, and since the Snowden leak, maybe the future norm of internet browsing.


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