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When asked to use our computers to analyze and expand on a question you may again hear from a toddler in the near future: “Why do trees go up?” My group entered in the phrase into google. After finding relevant data, we then created a new question from this data, rinsed and repeated until we had a question of the 9th grade level.

Our interaction with the computer itself was merely a tool to user interaction. I did not see much more to it than that. However, you could argue that the parameters of our tool (google) may have had some sway on the outcome of our questions.

“Man-Computer Symbiosis” Nugget

While reading “Man-Computer Symbiosis”  I looked for an area discussing the integration of technology into symbiotic relationship with man. Foreshadowing to the the inevitable time when the capabilities of machine match that of man.

“The capabilities of machines in this class are increasing almost daily. It is therefore hazardous to make general statements about capabilities of the class. Perhaps it is equally hazardous to make general statements about the capabilities of men. Nevertheless, certain genotypic differences in capability between men and computers do stand out, and they have a bearing on the nature of possible man-computer symbiosis and the potential value of achieving it.”

What is important to this statement is the word “symbiosis” referring to an existing two organisms or sentient beings. As we are decoding the human brain and its chemical mixtures faster than we are gathering an understanding of what they do. We are also have the ability to emulate these chemical echanges with technology. Humans will have the ability to emulate a human brane with technology before we have gain complete knowledge of the  brain itself.

Topics like this have moved from science fiction books, like “The Singularity Is Near” by Ray Kurzweil, to real world examples of artificial intelligence.  We are many years off from a singularity like occurrence, where technological and human intelligence compete. If that were to happen, wouldn’t it be frightening to think of the outcomes?      *cough cough* Matrix

associative trails

While looking through post from my classmates and peers I found two posts. In the first, by Jayden, the rapid advancement in technology is discussed  and the second, by Kessingerrg, where the impact of such technology are evaluated. Jayden leaves on a cheerful note as Kessingerrg seems to be more wary of what this technology is doing to us. It is undeniable that technology has changed the individual in terms of day to day life, but is it true that technology has altered us as a species? Is it not human nature to crave advancement, creation and innovation, as history has shown for millennia?

“As We May Think” nugget

In the article “As We May Think” I read this quote on page four

“If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get far in our understanding of the physical world. One might as well attempt to grasp the game of poker entirely by the use of the mathematics of probability.”

This quote is something that resonated with me. After having an internal conflict a few months ago about what qualities I found important about myself. It brought me back to a Ted Talk video my friend had shown me, which ultimately helped me find resolution.

Both  Vannevar Bush and Ken Robinson talk about how society has praised certain qualities. Regardless of how society has changed over time these qualities remain most valued.  They point out some of the fallacies in our beliefs and  structure that should be revised to further advancements.

First assignment UNIV 200, Fall 2015

As I surfed around Thoughtvectrs, trying to understand what had been assigned for the first day I came across a blog that peaked my interest. I had stumbled upon a blog from a fellow student, the fact its owner had gone through the effort of customizing it’s layout had made it more appealing. Towards the bottom of their blog  I found an entry pertaining to Bioprinting, a process in which limbs, organs and other biological tissues can synthetically created. I had only heard of this technology in conversation, so I decided “Hey, what the hell, why not?” I found the whole blurb very intriguing as it talked about the ethics of such a practice. It struck a chord. I had thought about my recently passed grandmother and how her life may have been prolonged, and to my mother and damaged kidneys. I had sudden thought of demonizing those opposed to such a practice, surely they must have someone the love too. Then the more rational side of me kicked in. I recalled death is a natural part of life. After finishing the entry I noticed the author stayed somewhat unbiased, so I have only one real question for the author. “Given everyone has loved ones, and death is a natural and necessary part of life, what is your view on bioprinting?”


For my portfolio I chose to use my research paper:  “Are Atomic Elements and Radioactive Materials Beneficial or Detrimental to Mankind?” and two of my core writings from last semester: “Where are The Lines of Privacy and Freedom of Knowledge Drawn?” & “Is Google really Making Us Stupid?” The three papers discuss whether the topics are actually good for us?- radioactive elements, the openness of the internet, or the ease of finding information on the internet. In the end each paper has it’s conclusion that is deduced from a long process of research, that should seem a rational answer to the question being asked.



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Thats messed up.

To begin, both of these cases show wrongful conduct. However, it may not be one’s duty to always aid and assist others in need, it does involve a certain level of moral conduct. Something you do simply because it is the human thing to do, or the do-gooder’s action. With this said, in both situations there seemingly would be a “penalty” for your actions if you choose to help. This is where the morality of your conduct would come into play. Either action of helping the birdwatcher or sending money to charity would put a dent in your wallet; whether it be a few thousand dollars for a leg or a hundred for ten lives. By choosing not to help you have greedily and selfishly put your own interests at heart. As you are living comfortably, obviously you have money to spare. Why not set aside for those less fortunate? In both situation the actions taken exemplify equally wrongful conduct because the lack of value over human life, or another’s well being- in exchange for something  more convenient to for yourself.

Who is doing better in America right now?

When confronted with the question of “who is doing better, men or women?” I would have to say men. However, the lack of women’s fair treatment is becoming more apparent with new waves of feminism, this time raising concerns not just about equal rights but social injustices. These differences in treatment can be easily seen in employment, for example, maternity leave. The U.S. is one of the only eight countries who do not have mandates supporting paid maternity leave. This leaves women in the workplace to choose between caring for their child or a paycheck. On the other hand, employment options sway  on possible gender discrimination and opportunity. Depending on the profession either sex could have a better chance of being hired. For example, jobs in business, it is believed that women are discriminated against by both men(33%) and women(55%). This can also be seen in different types of professions, like IT, where women are more sought after to displace the male majority of workers. Not just in terms of employment but wage, women are discriminated against. Data confirms that women make 77 cents for every dollar made by a man. Like previously stated, its quite obvious men are faring better. The best way to change this and ensure equality would be legislation. I think in the next couple of decades the current ideology of government, social behavior and ethics will change. These new, more liberal social view which have sprouted with Gen-X and only continue to develop through predecessor generations.  With this new ideology, I believe knowledge of this discrimination will result in appropriate legislation without conflict, hopefully.. if not, the awareness will definitely help get something through that could lead to progression in the future.

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