EDLP715 Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy

Individuals trust us with their time and their future to leverage education to radically change their future. As a leader, I provide a supporting role to their ownership of their future. I am a steward, a caretaker along the journey.

Individuals trust us with their time and their career to leverage their professional position to create fulfillment in their work life as well as fulfillment in their personal economics. As a leader, I provide a supporting role to their ownership of their professional life. I am a steward, a caretaker along the journey.

As a steward, I lead by standing alongside my students and employees. As they grow in their confidence on the journey, I give them space to learn through success and failure. When they falter, I support as needed to return them to the journey.

As a leader, I also seek guides on my journey, committing myself to strengthen my skills so that I may support others. When I falter, I commit to utilizing the resources necessary to re-establish my strength for the journey.

While on this journey, I commit to keeping my attitude positive and my expectations achievable. Anything I ask of others will be supported with resources needed for success. When others disagree with my decisions, I will work to foster an open communication environment where we can continue to work toward success together. When the journey ends, regardless of the circumstances, I commit to a transition to the next stages of the journey with grace and humility.

I commit myself to being a steward of those most vulnerable to the institutional hurdles that linger in education and career environments. My overarching regard for implementing new policies and programs will be the impact toward the most vulnerable. While educated and knowledgeable in my career, I remind myself that I do not know everything. Particularly when interacting with others vulnerable to institutionalized hurdles, I commit to learning from their expert first-person personal experiences and perspectives.


Peer review in action

During the course of doctoral work at VCU School of Education, our cohort has used peer review on multiple assignments. Consistently, the feedback I have received from my peers has highlighted small edits, APA formatting issues and broader conceptual issues that might cause the reader to struggle in understanding my concepts.

I have greatly appreciated the feedback received from my peers, but regret that the style is so regimented. My preference would be to organically pair up with a few classmates and review each other’s work to help enhance before final delivery.

One concern I have with the peer reviewing process is being paired with a weaker writer or someone who does not devote significant time to the process. While I have been comfortable giving simple and more critical feedback, I wish to have the same on my papers.

Overall, I hope that we continue this method of learning but also I will be seeking more informal feedback from particular classmates whom I have identified as strong writers and reviewers.

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