Moving Beyond “Because of Sex”

To address gender inequalities in society, foundational elements need legislative change and will require societal advancement to accommodate outdated thinking. Progress could be made on parental assistance and tax incentives.

Governments around the world have seen increased participation in the labor force due to mandating or providing support for paid paternal leave. Failure to address leave access for new parents’ burdens females and continues to degrade opportunities for women in the work force. Institutions of higher education can address this disparity by creating parental leave policies that give new mothers job and financial security while providing new parents support to permit working mothers to return to work while the child is cared for. These initiatives are funded through payroll tax deductions in some US states, but could also be funded through a generous compensation package.

Increasing gender equality and strengthening the workforce could be accomplished through various tax-based incentives. For instance, Canada was able to increase female participation in the labor-force by reducing the tax contribution for second earners. Companies who maintain balanced gender equality in hiring could be incentivized with tax benefits.

These few adjustments could turn societal perspective toward a more favorably view of gender equality to aid the long arc of change in progress.

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