One thought on “Internal Review

  1. Emir – I enjoyed reviewing your portfolio. You provided insightful and thoughtful posts. You have an ambitious 5-year plan. I think you are wise to gather so many types of patient and setting experiences prior to traveling as a PT. Those experiences will make you more marketable.

    I appreciated your honest reflection about note writing. I understand your perception that writing is difficult because English is not your first language. However, I find your writing in assignments such as this to be outstanding. It is highly unusual for me to find a grammatical or word choice error in your work. Granted clinical documentation is a bit different both in terms of form and need for efficiency: I just want to offer you a vote of confidence that your skills are really good and so I anticipate that efficiency will come!

    Please stay in touch and let me know if your grand plan plays itself out as you intend. I wish you all the best!

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