Da’Zha Hairston – Week 5 Blog Post

I don’t think that I have had much experience with LMS until I got to my sophomore year of high school. Around that time is when I noticed how much they tried to incorporate it into schools. I think that it was beneficial to the students because our entire generation does everything through technology, so it wasn’t that much of an adjustment process. It was also easier for me because I didn’t have to wait around for teachers to let me know my grade, I had access to all of my information. I think my first real hands on LMS experience, was with blackboard once I got to college. I like having records of my grades that I can access, but it becomes a little frustrating when you have those professors who take forever to put in grades.

I do plan on using them in my classroom, but not very much. Although incorporating LMS into your classroom does seem helpful, it also seems slightly risky. Some times when you enter things in electronically, it gets erased or you cannot find it. I will use it to make things easier on parents, so that they have access to all of their children’s information, but I will also have my own records of things. Overall, I do think it is beneficial for students, parents, teachers, and other staff, but it is not something I am very interested in.


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