Da’Zha Hairston – Week 6 Blog Post

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SOL 3.9: The student will investigate and understand the water cycle and its relationship to life on Earth. Key concepts include a) there are many sources of water on Earth; b) the energy from the sun drives the water cycle; c) the water cycle involves several processes; d) water is essential for living things; and e) water on Earth is limited and needs to be conserved.

Content Knowledge: The water cycle is a process in which water circulates between the earth’s oceans, atmosphere, and land.

Technology: Students will complete a quiz based on the video to test their knowledge of the water cycle.

Pedagogy: Students will watch a short video on the water cycle to understand how it works and all of the important parts.

TPK: The technology supports the pedagogy because students will watch the video to then complete the quiz.

TCK: The technology supports the content knowledge by educating them on the water cycle after they complete the video.

PCK: The pedagogy supports the content knowledge because after watching the video, the students should have a full understanding of all of the stages of the water cycle and its functions.


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3 Replies to “Da’Zha Hairston – Week 6 Blog Post”

  1. Hi Da’zha! I thought your activity was quite good! What I did not like about it was that it was boring. I felt that this was boring because it was not interactive. You could have had a game after watching the video where students have to move things around or even have them create a document where they put the steps of the water cycle. Also, “What phase of the water cycle is when the cloud becomes too heavy and cannot hold anymore water” is not condensation. Condensation is when the clouds are forming. If you were to give this to a class they may become confused because the video says one thing, but the quiz says another. Precipitation is the correct answer. I liked how your assignment was straight from the video and did not leave the students guessing. I liked how this could be done from home for homework instead of using class time. The students can watch the video and take the quiz and then come to class ready to discuss.

  2. I see what Kara is saying about incorporating a game but for a third grade level I thought this was a decent activity. The video was perfect and entertaining and the assessment afterwards was good because it was basically a little summary to make sure the students understood the material. Therefore, after you see that the students understand the material then if you wanted to you could add in a game but for the most part I thought it was good for the grade level and engaging!

  3. I really liked this assignment. It is similar to our traditional assignments that you see in elementary schools. If this was an assignment I could use in my class, I would use this as a precursor to what we would be going over next and using the quiz as a preassessment. Like maybe assigning this as homework the night before we fully dive into The Water Cycle on the next day. Well done 🙂

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