Da’Zha Hairston – Week 9 Blog Post

Step 1: What is a PLN?

PLN stands for “Personal Learning Network”. It is the way of describing a group of people and sometimes organizations you connect with in order to learn from their, ideas, reflections, and their references. Educators should build a PLN because it helps you stay current or research, students need globally connected teachers, you can learn and connect in a way you enjoy, etc. Some popular ways that educators are learning with their PLNs would be podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.

Step 2: Making Connections

A way that an educator would connect with the world around them would be by curriculum documents, colleagues, popular media, print and digital resources, and family/local community. The challenge I completed was the one that said “relationship tips”. The one that resonates with me the most would be developing a relationship with my colleagues. I feel like the best way to learn from someone is to have one on one interaction.

Step 3: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN

Twitter is actually one of my favorite social media platforms, so I was really excited about this step! The activity that was required, I have already done. I already have a personal account, as well as a business account to connect with other educators around the world!

Step 4: All About Hashtags and Twitter Charts

Hashtags are something I frequently use on Twitter because it helps you find tweets with other people who were talking about the same thing. For example, if I were to make a tweet to other teachers and add the hashtag “#education”, when I go and type that into my search bar, I could find other account who were also tweeting about education.  I learned that is beneficial to use more popular results, so that you’ll get more results.

Step 5: Using Blogs as a Part of Your PLN

Blog posts are updated regularly and displays posts in reverse, chronological order. Blogs are an important part of your PLN so that people can share ideas and so that you can comment on everyone else’s idea. I like to think of Twitter as a blogging site because you can type, and post whatever you would like, and people are free to respond to you.

Step 6: Using Curation Tools as a Part of your PLN

A person with good curation tools saves us time by sifting through the vast abundance of content to select the best, most relevant resources on a specific topic or theme. One of the main reasons educators curate content is to find, manage, and organize information on specific topics, which leads to professional growth.

Step 7: Making Time to Build Your PLN

To build your PLN you should start small, set a goal and commit to it, set a routine, consider being more productive, don’t be shy, and don’t give up. My goal as an educator, would be to set up a PLN, that appeases to my students who like technology. I know there are a lot of people who do not prefer technology, but there is also a good chunk who do.


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