Da’Zha Hairston – Week 13 Blog Post

The overlap I noticed between the Virginia Computer Science Standards and code.org is how they are construction based. It seems as though the Science Standards promotes student learning by having them discover technology on their own. The code.org website focuses on the students learning about computer science, so I think the two support each other fairly well.

I think a problem I may run into with the Virginia Computer Science Standards is the students relying on them too much. In 2019 many teachers already have technology embedded into their classroom and that is what the students are used to. I feel if you use it all the time, then the students would not know how to function without it. I think that some assignments should follow the Virginia Computer Science Standards, but not all of them. Students should have a healthy balance between technology and their other work while in school, so that they know how to perform well on both.

Content Specific SOLs and Virginia Computer Science Standards can overlap really well when making a lesson plan. When you are teaching SOLs, I think it is important to see how well you can integrate other lessons. If you are working on a lesson in any of the major content areas (math, science, social studies, or english) I think it would be fun for the students to also have technology integrated as well. This helps them learn the major content, while also using technology that children are so fond of!

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