Da’Zha Hairston – Making Activity


The student will demonstrate that being a good citizen involves

  1. a) taking turns and sharing;
  2. b) taking responsibility for certain classroom chores;
  3. c) taking care of personal belongings and respecting what belongs to others
  4. d) following rules and understanding the consequence of breaking rules
  5. e) practicing honesty, self-control, and kindness to others
  6. f) participating in decision making in the classroom
  7. g) participating successfully in group settings


Content Knowledge: The traits and actions that make a good or bad citizen.

  • Misconceptions: Students interpretation of what a “good citizen” is


Technology: The 3D printed artifact that represents a good citizen


Pedagogy: Put two buckets out, one labeled “good citizen traits” and the other “bad citizen traits” then we would have a bunch of cut out things like , people who litter, helps elderly across the road, tells lies, etc. Then we would have the students separate them into the two piles.


PCK: Instead of speaking to the students about what a good citizen is, the students can see some common everyday examples of good and bad citizenship and think critically about which category each “good citizenship trait example” may fall under.


TCK: Using the content knowledge of what qualifies someone as a good citizen and 3D printing a pin with a design the students create that represents one of the categories listed above.


TPK: Using the kinesthetic learning (visual, audio, and hands-on) of the buckets and separating examples to help provide them with some options and/or inspiration for their own personalized good citizenship pin they would create with the 3D printer.

TPACK: To address our misconception of different interpretations students may have, we have created the examples for the students, but giving them the autonomy to choose between good and bad citizenship traits allows them to understand the content without the teacher lecturing them. The students will then create an image that represents a good citizenship trait with the 3D printer.


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