Part I:
I thought this concept experience was really fun because it allowed me to add in my personal touch to the article and it was about a topic that interested me. The article itself was easy to follow and included an amusing study. I was able to make this experience interactive and incorporate additional information in the assignment that went beyond the topic itself.

My five most important decisions were:
1. the link to the actual paper, “Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks
– gives further information and support to William Hughes’ study

2. the video by Tech Lab
– gives summary of the study and the public’s reaction

3. the links to the Facebook Data Use Policy, the bit, and Facebook’s terms of service
– gave researches the right to perform this study and proved they didn’t disregard the policy

– people tend to forget that it was other people just like them who created this study and facebook itself

– facebook connects the world and has many attributes

I chose specific links that related to or gave background information about the topic. For example, in the first sentence of the article, I included a link about emotions that gives vivid details and definitions about an individual’s emotional state.  I continued to provide links for various terms throughout the article that would  support or define certain topics.  The images I selected were all Facebook related, but were also narrowly relevant to the passage they were under.  For example, the video is a summary of the study, just like the passage is above it.  I think it was creative how I associated certain terms throughout the article with other websites.  I find that other researchers do this as well in their studies, and it makes for an interesting investigation and trail like Concept Experience #2.


Part II:
Between my search for sources and this concept experience, I have a good idea as to how I want to present my inquiry project. I find that adding links to certain terms, that give background information and furthers the reader’s exploration, is often intriguing and stimulating. Links can lead to more links which can lead to more links and so on, to the point that you could be reviewing a completely unrelated topic to the original search… but yet all these links have to somehow be connected, or they would’t have been there. This encourages readers to advance their knowledge and interact with a study. I want to provide entertainment for my audience through visual and intellectual means.

My inquiry project will reside in a WordPress page and include links to interacting pages and compelling information. I want my page to model The Huffington Post main page- with videos, links, appealing photos and graphics, and interesting details. The Huffington Post is a credible website and many individuals go there to gain knowledge, review reports, and receive advice. I hope my inquiry project will be just as engaging to viewers and readers around the world.


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