Blog 5

So today to prepare for class I was sure to read the assigned readings yesterday. I also read over them one more time since I had time between classes. The first thing I would like to hear from you guys is what did you think of the readings that were assigned. I know the majority of the people readings this are students of UNIV 112, so what was your honest opinion of the “Visual Literacy” article? I found it very helpful and informative, It made me think in ways that I would have never thought of before.

This week in class we are still working with our book “The City & The City”. I really enjoyed the activity we did today. We drew a map of how we envisioned the cities in the story. Most group’s maps did not look like what I thought they were going to. I guess I also had not considered how anyone else would’ve made their map until this class. I remember reading the book and trying to make my own map inside my head. Throughout reading, the entire time, I imagined this exact map. So finally getting to draw this map was a lot of fun actually.  When you were reading the book for the first time did you envision a map in your head? Did the map your group make look like the one you imagined? 

Also last class we were assigned a multi-modal activity. I am very excited for this activity and I have so many ideas. I do not want to say these ideas, not because I do not want anyone to steal them, but because I just have too many ideas at the moment. I am going to work on my preparation for this later today and tomorrow and even before class on Thursday.

For class participation this week I made sure to ask questions and make comments throughout class today. I asked questions and made comments mostly about the map activity and the assigned readings.

To finish off I just want to ask a few more questions for you.  What are you guys planning to do for your multi-modal projects? Have you started? What message are you going to attempt to convey? Are you doing a poster, video, sculpture, etc?

I am really looking forward to the next UNIV class that we have so I can get all of my ideas out on paper. Until then I have to study, I have a Calculus 2 test tomorrow ALREADY and were not even a quarter a way through the semester. UGHH.

blog 4

So today we had the last half of the book in our fishbowls in class. Before I say my opinion I should explain what the fishbowl assignment is. The fishbowl assignment is one where we are all assigned partners into 4 groups. The 4 groups are going to discuss assigned chapters in the book to the class. My group was the 2nd group to go, therefore the 2nd quarter of the book. The way we are graded on these is by amount of participation and by how well and thought provoking the discussion was. Normally the discussions last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. If you are a student reading this tell me if you have ever heard of a fishbowl assignment or even participated in one! What were your thoughts on the assignment, and did the assignment help you get a better understanding of what you were reading?

The book we’re reading in class is “The City & The City” by China Meivlle. The third and fourth fourth groups went today. And I have to say I was really impressed by the fourth group, I believe they did the best job out of the entire class. They were all involved in the conversation, no one person was taking over which tends to happen.And finally, the fourth group really left me thinking about what they had to say. If you  participated in the fishbowls this week, which group(without naming names) do you believe did the best? What made them stand out to you?

And the last thing I want to mention for today was my class participation in and out of class. Yesterday (1/23/19) I made sure to skim over the final chapters of the book and reread all of the parts that seemed the most important. I felt very prepared to engage in the conversations that were had today. And because I was so prepared today it really gave me a confidence boost in class. During the fishbowls I was able to follow along with what they were reading and I had all of the major events of those chapters marked in my book. And for the most part I could follow along easily. If you are a student  What have you done this week for in class participation? Have you been making comments, or asking questions? what about out of class participation? What have you done in and out of class for other ones that just UNIV 112?

Blog: 3

So today in UNIV we had our fishbowls. In these fishbowls we talk about and reflect upon our reading that we did over winter break. Over the break we read a book “The City & The City” This book was about a murder crime scene and a detective who works to solve it. And during our fishbowls my group of six had chapters eight through fourteen. In fishbowl we had our “moderator” as Mr Galligan called it. The moderator was in charge of making sure we were on topic, they were also in charge of time and making sure no one person was taking point. In our fishbowl i made sure to ask any and all questions that went through my mind. I made sure to talk as much as i could and try to keep the conversation interesting. The weekend we had before class I made sure to reread the chapters that we were going to discuss. This is me taking note of what I did out of class to help my grade in class. Outside of class i made sure to reread, I also made sure to take notes while I was reading, write down any words that I was confused about, and I also made sure to write any questions I had. Doing these things really helped my confidence in what I was saying during the fishbowl, it really affected how much I was talking. After class I went to my last class that day and got out about 7 o’clock. When my day was done went home to finish homework and also prepare for the next UNIV class on Thursday. So to prepare for Thursday I am rereading the chapters that the other students are going to present their fishbowls on. I am going to write down any questions that come up and I am going to write down anything I believe that they are going to mention in their fishbowl. What are some ways that you are going to prepare for the fishbowl assignments on Thursday?  If you are not a student how would you prepare? And if you are reading this after the fishbowl assignments are over what are you going to do to prepare for the next fishbowl if there is one? Overall I thought my group did a really great job at analyzing the text. I thought we really did great looking at the deeper meaning of the text. If you are a student, what are you doing outside of class to prepare for the next? And do you think writing down all the things you do outside of class are a good idea for the log that is required for the end of the year? Why or why not?

Blog 2

Today we worked on our “The City & The City”  and the city fishbowls. We got our groups and we each reviewed which chapters we were going to work on at the end of the class. As far as class participation goes I was not scared to ask questions today. I asked Mr Galligan things about the book and I also asked him about writing this blog post. He went into detail about how it should be written, he mentioned how long it should be, what it should be about etc. For “The City & The City” fishbowls I right now am rereading the chapters that I was assigned(chapters 8-14). I am going to take notes on my readings and try to answer the questions we came up with together as a group. Some of the questions involved the character conflicts, some of them involved the actual crime from the story. I am excited for the fishbowls and i also am feeling confident in the things that i will bring to the table. It is also important to have fun with projects like these especially since you get to work as a group. I also started this week keeping track the things that I do in class and out of class.(participation-wise) At the end of the semester we are supposed  turn in a paper explaining how much work we did in and out of class. As soon as Mr Galligan told us this, I immediately took out a piece of paper and began writing down all of the things I did this week for this class. So far I really am enjoying UNIV 112 and I really look forward to another semester. This semester I hope to improve my writing skills. I also hope to improve my revising skills because I already am not the most confident in my writing. But this semester I hope to change things. I want my writings to improve content-wise and grade-wise. I made one of my resolutions and goals for this semester to be to get the grade of an “A” on a writing assignment. I honestly can not remember the last time I got an “A” on a writing assignment, I’m not saying I have always failed writing assignments, but I really plan on working hard this semester to improve my writing grades, and my overall grades. I am really looking forward to working hard and making the best out of this semester.

first blog

City & The City in my opinion was a great book. It was very interesting and had guessing what was going to happen next the whole time. One of my favorite things about the book is the very beginning. The beginning had a lot of mystery to it because we did not know the killer, we knew very little about the characters, and we did not know who could possibly be the murderer. The book has a very unique story and i do not think I have ever read anything like it. Another one of my favorite parts of the book is the concept of “Breach”, sometimes they would use the word as an adjective, verb, or noun. This really made you question what exactly is breach, it even made me a little frustrated while reading because i did not know what it was. In the end you do find out what breach is which made me happy. But also in the end I did not like how vague it was, Borlu just kind of went off to work for breach. While this is great because we had not heard much of it before, I still kind of wished Borlu got to stay with his friends and family. That is just my opinion though, I really did enjoy the book and I had a fun time reading it. Usually it takes me a long time to read but with this book it was really different, I just couldn’t seem to put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen. After reading I was not very sure of any hidden messages in the book. Maybe you could say something about how it does not matter where you are from, were here together? I say this because in the story there is two sides of the city and both end up being very big parts of the story. Or maybe you could just say that people should just mind their own business to stay out of trouble. I say this because in the story there is breach. Breach will get you if you go to or commit a crime on the side that you are not from. If you are from the Ul Qoma side and commit a crime on the Beszel side you are committing Breach. This is punishable and many people in the story were caught for it. Over all I did not see any other hidden messages, I did not see any deeper meanings to what I read. Maybe this is because I did not pay enough attention or maybe I just overlooked it.