blog 12

This week in UNIV 112 we received our next project for the semester. Our next project is a writing assignment where we pretty much have to write a script and answer a research question. These research questions are supposed to be about things related to our majors. But, me being undeclared and not having a major this is kind of tricky. I do want to ask you guys what you think about people who are undeclared? Do you feel like they made the right decision since they do not exactly know what they want to do? OR do you feel like they are putting themselves at a disadvantage to others who HAVE declared a major already. I have heard both sides of the fence and I am curious what you guys think. I also am wondering what made you choose the major that you chose (if you are declared)? How did you know that is what you wanted to do?

On another note, this week my study habits have been really good in my opinion. After every class I had this week I remember going over everything I learned that class. I remember going over all of the most important points and notes from that class. I have really buckled down this semester to work on math because I am currently in Calculus 2 and it is one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken. BUT, during the week I am sure to visit the CLC and to go to the free tutoring sessions.

This week in UNIV for class participation, I feel like I have done a really good job. I am always sure to ask questions about things I do not understand. I also like to compliment people for their hard work. For example, I commented on a couple of people’s multi-modal projects this week, I told them that I really liked their messages and their projects. This participation by me also makes me wonder. How come students do not always like answering questions from professors? For example, in my physics class, whenever the teacher asks a question no one seems to raise their hand. It is like they are scared that they are going to get the question wrong or something. Why do you think that kids do not enjoy answering questions? Maybe they do enjoy answering questions, but something is stopping them, what do you think is going on here?

blog 11

This week (the week of 2/18/19) I have really locked down on school. Some of my new years resolutions included doing better in school, this involves not just studying the day before a test. It involves taking extra time out of my day to study and do work. I think I really have reached a milestone this week and really would like to keep it up as the school year progresses. This week I have taken notes on notes that we were given in class, however, I took these notes before class so I could just focus on them while the professor explained them. I also made some flash cards for one of my harder classes. I have reviewed these twice already and I am really content with myself. Other studying habits I would like to do more are to go to the library more, maybe try studying with other people not just by myself because sometimes I can be distracted, and I also would really like to try going to tutoring sessions more. I definitely have the time to go to more tutoring sessions than I do, I really have to make myself go to these because I know they will help me in the long run.

Today on Tuesday I got feedback on my multi-modal assignment from the class. I was really satisfied with the things that were said about my project. The revisions they said they would have made are also things I would have changed. One person even told me that my project was their favorite out of the whole class. This really put a smile on my face and made me happy about the hard work that I finally got to show the class. Mr. G really seemed like he enjoyed my project too. I also think a lot of the class could have done so much better. Some of the assignments were just a quote they found and they pasted it over a picture. I thought this was really lazy of them, especially since we were given so much time to work on the project. We were given almost three weeks to work on this assignment and I could have done some of these assignments in 5 minutes. If your teacher gives you such ample time you should take advantage of it and try to get the best grade possible, that would not only take minimum effort, but simply putting more time i would also get you an even better grade. That is all I have for today, thank you for reading, let me know if you agree with some of the things that i I mentioned today.

Blog 10

This week has really had me thinking about time management and stress. This week I have had 3 tests and so much work. I have been studying nonstop and I need a break, I am so glad that it’s the weekend now.

College while it is very stressful, is only stressful if you make it stressful. I am a very big procrastinator and I wish this was morn the case but it is. I especially procrastinate woth studying. I wait until the test is the next day and I study all of that night. I really want to stop this bad habit. So today on Friday night, I realized that I was not doing anything for at least an hour. I then said to myself I could be using this time to study. So I studied only for about 30 minutes but I’m sure it will help me in the long run. I am curious to know what your study habits are like! Do you wait until the last minute like me? Or are you careful with your time and are sure to plan ahead? After I studied for about 30 minutes not only did I help improve myself but it gave me a pretty big confidence boost in the subject I was reviewing. I was able to read over things that confused me and I could double check example problems.

This weekend I am also trying to get a better sleep Schedule. As of now my sleeping begins at about 3-4 in the morning and I wake up for class the next day. On weekends I usually fall asleep as the sun begins to come up. There’s nothing terribly wrong woth this, but if I sleep all day I feel like I have wasted the day and I hate that feeling. So tonight before I go to bed I am finishing studying finishing homework, then I’m going to go to sleep. Falling asleep is not difficult, especially because I have had such a long week this week. I hope tomorrow I can get a bit more studying done during the day and I hope I can go to sleep at an even earlier hour. I am excited to see if I stick woth these new habits. I am going to try my best to stick to them and I will use my blog as my reason to keep doing it every time I think I won’t be able to.

blog 9

This week has been very stressful for me because I have already had two tests and id is only Wednesday. But I hope that this week can be a learning experience. one of my tests I had was yesterday and the other one was today. I stayed up very late both nights in preparation for these tests. I feel         halfway confident on my grades of them and I think my actual grade will be a good reason for me to not study just before the day of the test. I do think I mentioned before that I want to get work done earlier that just the day before it is due. I also need to spend more of my free time studying.  I do feel like I did this for my Multi modal assignment which is nice. I was able to finish this assignment over the course of the weekend. I am really happy with how it turned out and I can not wait to hear what people have to say about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day when we are presenting the assignments.

Lately I have really been thinking about how we as people think and use our mind. In my psychology class this is what we are talking about and I am really interested in learning more about it. It is crazy to me that we can just think about anything in our heads and no one will ever know exactly what it is that we are thinking or imagining. The brain is so complex and it is crazy to me how we are able to understand it. The left hemisphere of the brain is for information, learning, and language, while the right side of the brain is more of the creative side. I believe that as I write these this is my brain using a bit of both sides. The brain is also split into four lobes the: frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. All of these spots of the brain are how we think, live, and function as humans. The twp hemispheres of the brain are connected by a piece of tissue called the corpus collusum. Now that I think about it writing down things I learn in psychology or any class for that matter will absolutely help me remember it later. We also learned this week about the science of forgetting and why it happens, mostly to clear space up for more memories in your head, or we do not forget and the information is still in our head and we are just having interference which makes it hard to access memories.

Blog 8

This weekend I am going to a tournament for Rubik’s cubes. There I will compete against other people to have the fastest time. The way the competition works is that you will do 5 solves and they take your best time and worst time and they will throw those away they will then average your 3 middle solves. If your time is under a certain number than you will move on to the next round. The competition is being held in Virginia Beach and a couple of my close friends are coming to support me.  So I am curious what you think of this competition, does it sound like fun to you? Or does it sound ridiculous? I am very excited for it and I plan on sharing my expierence of course when I’m back.

Mans the weekend after NEXT weekend is the VCU open tournament. This is a badminton tournament and I really encourage you to come watch especially if you have never seen it before. It is extremely exciting and intense to watch. Everyone there is extremely nice and I will be participating in it and hopefully bringing home a trophy!

This week for classes was pretty fun I took a test In physics that I was very confident in and today Thursday I got my grade back. I got a 90. I made sure imthat I did not wait and study just the day before. I also worked a lot on my multimodal project for UNIV 112. I wrote out everything I wanted to say and I have all of my information, now I just need to rearrange it a little better. Today thursady my professor for UNIV 112 helped me and talked with me about my project. He said to just make sure I’m getting the right idea across and things of that nature. And finally Friday is coming and the only thing I have going on tomorrow is that I need to take a math quiz and study for a psychology test that I have on Tuesday of next week. I’m glad my study habits and work habits have gotten much better especially when compared to last semester I remember being much lazier. NOW I actually sit down and get my work done before it needs to be done so it reduces a lot of the stress out on me. Thank you for reading and I’ll be sure to let you know how the competition goes this weekend!

blog 7

Today in class we went over a lot of examples of multi modal projects. These projects all had very serious messages and I believe the message I am going to attempt to convey is nowhere near as serious as examples of world hunger, pollution, or overpopulatioin. I also was sure to ask my professor what he thought about my idea and he said that it would work. To prepare for class today I worked on writing out some ideas for my project. I wrote ideas down just in a random order, I don’t believe that it matters at the moment the ideas of the order, I just want to get everything I want to say written down.  How are you preparing to present your multimodal? Have you finished it yet? Are you almost done?

Today for class preparation after class I immediately did the readings for next class so I was sure to not forget to read them. And I worked on my project not just before but after class as well.

This week I began really reading my textbooks and going in depth on them. For example I needed help with math this week and I decided to actually use my book, and now i do realize that they are a reliable source to get information from. Since I do not do much reading in my free time I think this is a good way to get some reading in everyday. I am curious to hear what you guys do with your textbooks and what your teachers do with them too? Have you guys bought textbooks before just to let them collect dust? Do you actually use your textbook and read them? Stopping by the bookstore the other day I really questioned if anyone has ever bought a textbook because they wanted to. Do you think this is a thing that anyone does or has ever done? I have never head of anyone doing this but it really made me wonder. I mean textbooks are not really that much different from regular books and if you enjoy learning why not read them. I can understand how a math textbook is not that exciting, but for example the focused inquiry textbook is full of stories and articles that really make you think? Try it out for yourself one of these days, read an article that is not assigned in the focused inquiry book. Let me know what you think about it or write about it in a blog post. Not only is it an easy topic for a blog it would also be a great new way to find things to read and spark your  imagination.

blog 6

So this week was pretty great, I am very excited for the multi-modal projects that we are doing. I think they really let us be creative and I hope this is one of the most fun projects we do in UNIV 112, not just for me, but for everyone. I Am going today (Friday) to ask a few people for help with my project because I am not exactly sure I can do it alone. In class on Thursday our professor was absent, but the teacher’s assistant came in and reviewed our multi-modal ideas. She mentioned that she thought mine was a great idea and that was a really big confidence boost. She also mentioned that it is very unique to me. I also have so much work I have to do this weekend but its okay. I am going to manage my time well, and I am going to get it all done. I never really said it in a previous blog but I think now would be a great time for a new, new years resolution. That resolution is  better time management, I do not think mine is bad, I just wish I was a little smarter with my time.  How well d you believe you manage your time? Is it easy, or is it a struggle?

In just a few days I have a writing assignment due. This assignment is due for my psychology class. It is a written paper about something new that we learned. I am planning to go to the writing center on Saturday which I am hoping will help not just my writing, but the grade that comes with it too. They said they are proven to raise your grade by a whole letter grade, and I am really curious if this is true. Have you ever been to the writing center? If not, Do you ever plan on going?

For class participation this week I think I did a great job of just paying attention and doing the required readings in and out of class. I also think I asked an appropriate amount of questions in class. I am excited to go to the writing center this week and even though it is for a psychology paper I feel that it will help me on my other future papers especially for this class. How are you going to prepare for the next class?