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This week has really had me thinking about time management and stress. This week I have had 3 tests and so much work. I have been studying nonstop and I need a break, I am so glad that it’s the weekend now.

College while it is very stressful, is only stressful if you make it stressful. I am a very big procrastinator and I wish this was morn the case but it is. I especially procrastinate woth studying. I wait until the test is the next day and I study all of that night. I really want to stop this bad habit. So today on Friday night, I realized that I was not doing anything for at least an hour. I then said to myself I could be using this time to study. So I studied only for about 30 minutes but I’m sure it will help me in the long run. I am curious to know what your study habits are like! Do you wait until the last minute like me? Or are you careful with your time and are sure to plan ahead? After I studied for about 30 minutes not only did I help improve myself but it gave me a pretty big confidence boost in the subject I was reviewing. I was able to read over things that confused me and I could double check example problems.

This weekend I am also trying to get a better sleep Schedule. As of now my sleeping begins at about 3-4 in the morning and I wake up for class the next day. On weekends I usually fall asleep as the sun begins to come up. There’s nothing terribly wrong woth this, but if I sleep all day I feel like I have wasted the day and I hate that feeling. So tonight before I go to bed I am finishing studying finishing homework, then I’m going to go to sleep. Falling asleep is not difficult, especially because I have had such a long week this week. I hope tomorrow I can get a bit more studying done during the day and I hope I can go to sleep at an even earlier hour. I am excited to see if I stick woth these new habits. I am going to try my best to stick to them and I will use my blog as my reason to keep doing it every time I think I won’t be able to.

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  1. I also can relate to procrastination (mostly last semester) but this semester I needed a change. For me my study habits have become attempting to trick myself thinking that an assignment that’s due it a week is due that day. I’ve noticed a change in how productive I’ve become. Before it’d be in the back of my mind dreading when I’d do the assignment, but if you get into the right mindset (whether that’s taking deep breaths or giving yourself small praises) you’ll accomplish so much more. Consistency also helps for me, like having tea/coffee right before studying, to remind yourself it’s go time.

  2. I used to have a horrible sleeping schedule when I first came to college. Things that helped me get a better sleeping schedule was setting a time for myself every day that I would be done with all homework and studying even if I wasn’t finished because sleeping is crucial to being healthy. Also, something that helped me with school work and studying is that on Sunday night- Monday morning I will write down in a list everything that I need to complete including assignments and upcoming tests and projects. I always like to be ahead so I don’t get behind so Monday’s after class I would get done as much as possible and try to finish as much as I can on my list things that are most important first. Then each day would be less and less work and I would have plenty of time to study and usually have the weekends off. I hope this helps!

  3. I can definitely relate to your post. When I was in high school I barely ever had to study because the material just stuck with me and I still got good grades, but since college I have had to start and its been troubling. I also would wait till the night before to start studying and even then I still barely did it. I always had this mind set that if I did not finish my work by 12am I was stopping and going to sleep, kinda a bad habit. I just recently started actually trying hard with my studying and it seemed to pay off on test day. These classes can get hard so it’s great we have Spring Break coming up. I hope that you continue with your studying, good luck!

  4. Your post is very relatable. I too struggle with procrastination, I hate it and really want to get out of the habit. However, it’s super hard. I really like how you are tryin new things though it’s really good and will be helpful to get out of this habit. I really feel where you are coming from in this blog. I too have trouble and wait until the last minute quite often to study. On a good week I may have time to study throughout the week, but it’s very rare. I also find myself sitting for hours when I could be doing something productive and I never even realize. Your other topic of having a wild sleep schedule I relate to really well, it’s like the time just flies by and next thing I know it’s 3 am before I finally get to sleep, then have to wake up super early the next morning for class. Honestly for me all of these bad habits really exhaust me and I too would like to get better, but I really like this post. I hope things get better and your new techniques work out!!

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