Grades and stress

The first semester of college was very stressful for me especially because I have never really been the smartest student. It also does not help that I was and still am undeclared. By the end of the semester needed a 3.0, this did not happen, I ended up with a 2.9. I needed a 3.0 gpa so that I could declare my major. I remember the class that brought me down was mainly art history, I was one point away from a B in that class and I emailed my professor to see if there was any possibility of a curve. This was not the case and it remained a 79. Now I am in my second semester and need to get my GPA up STLL. this especially stressful because I am also taking HARD classes. I currently am in CALCULUS 2 which I believe is the hardest class I have ever taken. I just recently took a test in that class and recieved a B. This B was A big confidence boost for me. All I really need to do now is get a good grade in my 3 other classes then I will have a lot of stress off my shoulders.  I am curious to hear about the hardest classes you have ever taken. I am also curious to hear about classes that you are looking forward to ? I am looking forward to my next math class, even though they are the most stressful classes. I am also looking forward to engineering classes when I am able to finally declare my major.

In high school I remember not really caring about what classes I take, but in college it is a whole different story. In college all of your classes go toward your major.

This year I have been much more studious than ever. I study almost every night for at least 2 hours a day. The only exception really is weekends, on weekends sometimes I get lazy.

I also want to tell about something that happened this week. This week I found a textbook after leaving my UNIV 112 class. It was laying on a bench before I went in class, and after it was still there. I ended up taking the book to the lost and found and the people there were very nice. So if you left a textbook outside I would check the lost and found because that is where I put it.

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  1. Wow!! I totally feel you. Like my first semester really showed me I was not in high school anymore and I had to step up my game. What I’ve done in trying to pull up my GPA this semester is lessen my work load so I only took five classes, which has allowed me flexibility to go to SI sessions, or tutor appointments and so many other opportunities. I just want to encourage you to keep pushing and that you’ve got this and don’t down yourself if you don’t get exactly the GPA you want because you have 3 more years to get it right!! By remembering this it eliminates stress and allows you to focus and not worry about your GPA but truly understanding the material and doing your best!

  2. I can relate to your post very much because something similar to me happened first semester. I ended up not being able to take a class for my major and am now a little behind in that class too. First semester I didn’t have the best grades either and my GPA suffered. I have been trying to keep them up this semester but my Calculus class is about to start killing me. I have to study so hard for these classes unlike in high school when it was simple for me to pass them. You just have to stay positive and know that in the end things will work out for you.

  3. Same here, I can also relate to what has happened with you in the first semester. As I have been struggling with my Introduction To Accounting 1 class lately. With the FSET’S, FIFO, LIFO and many more accounting related problems. They have given me headaches to just remember and apply them on the self-study problems. While my accounting professor gives a bunch of never seen questions before on his tests, which are supposed to be related with the two topics that he goes over within four classes. I have always asked him two days before the test about what should we be expecting on the upcoming exam, which is next class. His response is always the same, which is: “Just do my homework problems, self-study problems and go over the notes and I think you should be set. As I’m not going to be giving you any questions related to the topic, because then what’s the point of learning and expanding your college students mind of thought. As you guys are always just partying, eating, not finishing up your homework assignments on time, doing your work for a class at last minute, and performing some other types of fun activities that are based on your interest, so that your college students can avoid doing your homework assignments for the classes that you have for this semester and future ones as well. The best part is that your college people don’t even change, it’s like if your all just amateurs in the field and were being payed to teach you on how to become a professional.” After what he says every time, I just walk to the library and go with the thinking that I will be sleeping around 4:00 AM in the morning that day. While also keeping in mind that college is torture and it’s not going to get better than this. So it’s better if I harm myself and just keep working on all of my class assignments every single day.

  4. Throughout high school got a 3.7 gpa and I consider myself as smart but I am really lazy. A lot of the times when I could’ve studied and got an A, I settled for hanging out with friends to get a B. When college started, I knew that my mindset had to change. I had to apply myself and tell myself that this is a fresh start where I can do good for my future. If I work hard now I can relax later in life. First semester of college I got a 4.0 and it was due to me constantly asking questions in class, going to office hours and always making sure I never fell behind. You don’t have to be the smartest to do these things, it just takes will and you have to want to do this. I hope you can use this mindset to get you through the semester and get your gpa to where you want it to be.

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