During my freshman year of high school I had never been interested or ever even tried to play any type of sport. Some parents force their kids to play sports so they can remain healthy.  Some parents make their kids play sports because they played the same sports. I had never played any sports during my life until high school. Once I got to sophomore year, I made my great friend and best friend now Alex. Alex was a freshman and began playing soccer his freshman year. Alex had gone to try outs and made the soccer team.  Alex one day invited me to play soccer with him and I remember it being more fun than any video game I had ever played. I fell in love with the sport and then began training for the next school years team. My junior year comes around and after training for over a year I went to tryouts. Tryouts were very rainy and wet. You could just feel the intensity of everyone in the air. Tryouts go on and by the end we are told that we will know who makes the team after the third day of tryouts, Friday. Friday comes and I remember speed walking to the list posted on the coaches door. I get to the door and read the entire list. I read off all of my friends name and even Alex’s and mine was nowhere to be found. This made me a little sad at the time. I went home that day and told my mother about what happened. She told me they just weren’t ready for my skills. I found this really funny. I didn’t think of it however as a defeat, I just thought of it as a way to get back at my coach, to prove him wrong, to make him think he made the wrong decision.  I trained with Alex even after his practices. We  trained the whole year again together and my senior year comes. I am playing the best I ever have. Try outs come again, and this year I was sure to make the coach remember me. I remember being the very first person on the list. playing on the soccer team that year was the most fun I ever had. The intensity was always in the air and it is what drove me to play harder and harder. Being a part of the soccer team was an amazing experience and I want to know if you have any sports stories?

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  1. I started playing basketball when I was around 13 years old and I was not that good. I told myself that I wanted to lose weight and try out for the middle school basketball team, but I knew I was not at the point I needed to be at, so I asked my dad to train me. During that time I pushed myself to be better because I did not want to look bad out on the court. I believe that when you work hard and are motivated to be better you are bound to have positive results. After getting trained by my father I became a lot better and eventually started playing Travel basketball and I made the middle school basketball team.

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