Do you believe that we went to the moon? I absolutely do but some people still have a hard time believing that we did. Some people have looked at pictures for evidence and proof that we never really left. People who do not think we went to the moon believe it was staged. they also underestimate the technology that we had in 1969. The moon landing was in july of 1969. It is one of the greatest accomplishments man has ever done. I people do not want to believe that we went there because they do not think it was possible or that the moon is even real. I believe this is a ridiculous theory. Some people think we did not actually go and we just claimed that we went to get ahead of the soviet union in the space race. I do not understand why people think this though. I am curious to hear your thoughts on these topics. I also want to bring up the topic of a flat earth. I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. People REALLY think this!!!!! we have evidence of the earth being round. We have pictures, we have videos, we have everything saying it is not flat. people who believe the earth is flat also believe there is a wall of ice at the edge of the world. If you believe the world is flat or that the moon landing was faked. Please let me know your reasoning, I am very curious to hear what your ideas on these topics are. I believe that the people who think we did not go to the moon are also the same people who believe that the earth is flat. I am really excited to hear what other people have to say about this. I really hope that I am not crazy about thinking the world is ROUND. I hope you are all having a great week so far. Kyrie Irving, boston celtics, point gaurd, thinks that the earth is flat too. I have a few more tests to study.  recylcing is good for the planet I hope that we can all participate in this. Please reduce, reuse and be sure to recycle. I am currently studying for a math test that i have next monday. I am finished with this blog post I do apologize for it being all over the place i am currently running out of things to write thank you for reading.

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