Why do you think people eat meat?

Why do you think people eat meat?

This blog topic was given to me by my roommate. I myself am not a vegetarian or a vegan by any means. But I do believe that this is a good topic to talk about so I am very curious to hear your perspective on things.

Meat is a source of protein, and energy for our bodies. It is not a necessity to live. Vegans are people who do not eat any meat or animal based products. I remember my senior year of high school I had to do a project on vegans. Vegans and vegan diets are lacking a lot of calcium. They also lack the vitamin B12. This vitamin has to do with how we grow. If you are lacking this especially at a young age you can possibly stunt growth. If you do not receive enough calcium this can lead to calcium deficiency. This can mean that you have very weak bones which can really be a problem in your younger years. The project that I did in high school was about why you should not be vegan, I was not the biggest fan of this project because I think it is a very healthy lifestyle. I chose the topic because it was a different and interesting perspective.

I am interested to hear about what your opinions on vegans or vegetarians are. I also am curious to hear about your eating habits? I believe I eat pretty healthy for my age, I usually eat sushi or a salad almost everyday for lunch and dinner. I am not the biggest fan of deserts so I do not really eat them that often.  The downside of my eating habits are probably just that I tend to snack a lot.

Also this week I want to talk about my paper. My paper that I had do this week was on Mars. I focused on how we could possibly get to Mars, and I also focused on life that could possibly exist there now as we speak. I am very satisfied with how the project turned out and I am really excited to hear what my professor thinks about it. I worked really hard on it outside and inside of class, and I am really just hoping my hard work pays off. I am trying to do the best I can this semester for reasons I have explained in previous blogs.

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  1. I myself am vegetarian and my parents are vegans. I decided to become vegetarian when I was about 8 years old just because I did not really want it and it always made me feel sick . From my research I have found you do not need as much protein as most people think and when you do, your protein can just as easily come from different vegetables, nuts, and beans, which are all healthier alternatives to meat. Although I have seen people who have been vegan and did not do it correctly and had to turn back to eating eggs or a little meat even once in a while. You have to make sure you eat vegetables and fruits and not just carbs and soy products.

  2. I feel that it has to do with how people are raised. As humans can easily live without meat it just depends on how they were brought up. I have countless friends who are vegetarian. One of my friends has been a vegetarian since she was born, and she simply has no need or want to taste meat. It really just depends on personal preference and how we want to change our selves. I personally would love to go vegetarian as it is a much healthier lifestyle but knowing myself, I would be unable to stick to the plan and would end up eating a nice steak.

  3. The reason to why people eat meat is because of the simple reason being that they just want to kill all animals. So that they can get their daily dose of protein for the day. As that’s not the right way to getting your stomach filled up. Without any notice, the facts show that the more people who eat meat eventually end up getting cancer. While for the ones who don’t eat meat and consider themselves as vegetarians, end up living a longer life without having any type of stomach issues. So for the meat lovers out there, you are not only torturing the animals (such as chickens, cows, pigs and etc.). But are also harming yourselves at the same time. By eating a variety amount of meat products, which are now getting more easier on having access to. With the help of international markets and restaurants selling them worldwide so that everyone can have access to eating their favorite meat products, as well as the local ones. As human beings we are meant to only re-fuel ourselves with different types of fruits and vegetables. Which means that we would need to convert a 97% of the meat population into vegetarian or vegan lovers. As this will help to kill at least 56 billion animals less each year, which would count as to solving a humongous step in all of the environment and animal based problems that we currently have in this planet named Earth. So the next time you think about eating any type of meat, just remember the amount of pain that these animals have to go through for being able to deliver your daily dose of protein. Because of human beings that have turned into horrible greedy human terminators and monsters, who have access to everything in their world. If you still end up eating meat after reading my comment, then just be sure to make a chart in where you tick mark the amount of days that you have been eating meat for. Then you will realize how much pain the animals are suffering for you, just so you can have your daily dose of protein. Which is definitely the wrong way of consuming your food on a daily basis. With a side note, to just be sure on putting vegetarian and vegan food as one of your options to having a more efficient way of eating food while also saving the lives of animals at the same time. Go vegetarian and vegan people.

  4. I know this isn’t at all what you were going for in your paper but I’d like to address it before someone else starts the debate, but I think what people eat is a personal choice and neither side of who eats what should be forced upon other people. It’s great people don’t eat meat and that they don’t have the unhealthy fats that come with consuming meat, however some people need that protein due to health conditions, or because it’s sacred in their religion, or simply because they enjoy it. I for one do eat meat. I wouldn’t say I eat it a lot but may once a day to once every three days. It depends if my mom is cooking hamburgers or is she cooking pasta. I think eating meat is something humans have been doing for a long time and that if we eat meat it should be sparingly however I understand people have different circumstances, or beliefs.

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