ethics part 2

The group is still working on the lifeboat dilemma where there are ten specific people who YOU are forced to pick who will be saved on a liferaft after their ship has crashed. The lifeboat can only hold five people. The people I chose to survive, that m,y group members absolutely did not agree with were, one of the two twins, the questionably pregnant woman, the old woman, the lifegaurd, and one of the newly married people. I chose one of the twins becasue If they both do not survive there will be no more kids for that family, or they would have one too many people, especioally since you would have two of the same people. I chose the questionably pregnant woman because, If she is pregnant she could possibly have life inside of her, that and she would not be able to help herself. I chose the old person becasue they would also not be able to help themselves, since they are old they would probably not be able to swim and would probably end up drowning. I choseĀ  the lifegaurd to help anyone on board of the raft that might fall out or try to swim away. I chose one of the newly married members, because I like couples. I, of course, do not like splitting them up but I thought they were so cute and I did not want to pick two so i picked one. When I said I wanted to take one twin everyone dissagreed and said that I either take 0 of them or both of them. This is the way that everyone thought and i attempted to think outside of the box and come up with reasons to just take one, I also believe I used the same thought process for the married couple. When I said I would take the old woman and the questionably pregnant woman people told me that they would be no help to the survival of the people on the ship. I said that They might not be the most help but i believe that they would NEED the most help out of anyone else on the ship. I believe that I made the right choices when it comes to this dilemma. Everyone has thier choices and reasioning for their choices, and almost everyone’s is different which is what makes ethical dilemmas so interesting. Thank you for reading but please let me know who you would have picked.

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