This week we talked about a lot of ethical situations and ethical reasonings. In my UNIV 112 class we talked all about ethical dilemmas and how to resolve or handle them. Even though there really is no solution they are still really interesting to see everyone’s different thoughts on them. The first example we had was the trolley problem. This problem is very popular and is one of the best examples of an ethical dilemma. In this dilemma there is a trolley, it is speeding down a track and is about to hit 5 people, the caveat is when you are the trolley driver and you have to decide whether or not you should switch the track to another track with one person. My thoughts about this is that you should switch the track. If you are treating everyone equally then you should value the groups lives more than the single person. This is my personal opinion. Other people say that they would NOT switch it because they would not want it to be their decision, they say that whatever happens happens. This is an okay way to look at this but I believe that if you can help more than just one person you should help the bigger number of people.  I am curious to hear your thoughts about this so please tell me what you would do in this situation.

The other ethical dilemma that we did in class was about 10 people. They included: a nurse,  a ships captain, a newly married young couple, two thirteen year old twins, a life guard,  and an old person, a woman who thought she may be pregnant, and another person i can not remember. But the whole class had to decide who they would save if these 10 people had to be put on a life raft. the life raft was only able to hold five people. So we had to pick which five we thought should go on the trip. I said that one of the twins should go. I also said the woman who might be pregnant. The life guard, the nurse, and the old woman. We did this activity in groups and alot of my group members did not agree with me. They believed that other people should most definately go first. The real way I believe to best decide who would go is whoever 5 people get on the life raft first, but since it is an ethical dilemma of course we have to pick who goes.

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  1. I agree with switching the track, the term we learned in class, Utilitarianism, which is maximizing happiness or well-being shows why you should save the group of 5 over the one person. For the lifeboat, I think you should have kept both of the twins and let the old women go, just because the twins were only 13 years old and have a whole life ahead of them. Plus, separating them would cause a lot of trauma for the other twin.

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